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Unfortunately, off late programs for downloading YouTube playlist have been stripped off from AppStore and Google Play Store in line with the DMCA rule. However, all is not gone since there are available tools that can perform similar tasks. This is exactly our focus today. Keeping you informed of extra tools that offer a platform for fast and easy YouTube Playlist Downloads without crossing the line of any YouTube TOS. Keep reading to discover the most operational way to download playlists from YouTube.

List of 3 YouTube Download Tools

#1 iTube Playlist Downloading tool

If you are looking for a highly functional YouTube playlist downloader with features that enhance bulk downloading of playlists in no time, then the iTube playlist downloader is an excellent option. The most interesting part is that a single click is enough to download multiple videos concurrently streaming from a regular browser or rather use official desktop software.

#2 AddOnCrop –YouTube Video and MP3 Downloader

The new copyright issues as pointed out earlier literally rendered most Youtube playlist downloading useless by striking down important key features for instance bulk downloading of playlists. Unfortunately, that move did not spare Chrome extensions with all its effectiveness allowing users to download videos while streaming. As we speak, these tools are a thing of the past. Good thing is that AddonCrop recently introduced a Chrome add-on feature that will enable you to download your favorite YouTube videos while streaming. Nevertheless, AddOnCrop does not have the playlist download option meaning you can only download one clip after the other, unlike iTube that allows you to download complete playlists. All in all, this tool is updated regularly not to mention that its functionality is recommendable.

#3 VideoGrabby

Simplicity is the right term to use when describing this tool. It somehow differs from the above two. It`s not a plugin or software but online based. Just like its counterparts, you can use it to download a complete playlist. It works similarly with a basic clip downloader. To start the downloading process, you will have to paste the URL in the provided section and you will be good to go.

Process of using iTube to download Tutorial clips in three steps

Since iTube is one of the best thanks to its outstanding features and a user interface free from complexity, now you will learn the process of using it to download a full YouTube Playlist.

#1 First step- Copying the URL

First, copy your playlist or video URL. It could be just a copy of your selected video URL in cases where all you want is to download just one clip. Alternatively, you can copy your playlist URL to download full playlists with a single click.

#2 Second step-Paste the URL

You can go ahead and click on iTube HD Video Downloading software after which you will locate the ‘paste URL’ option on the main dashboard. Just click on the option and you will have the URL pasted automatically into iTube.

#3 Third step- Time to download

Congratulations!you are now in your final step. From the blues, you will see a download option popping out alongside a dialogue box to select the following

  • Video quality : 240p -1080p
  • Format: video/audio
  • Subtitles: if needed

Choose and click the download option and you will be done.

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