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There has been an increase in the number of technologies that are being used for businesses, especially when they increase the influence of their content. Whether it’s virtual reality or augmented reality followed by drones to improve video marketing strategies, cutting edge technological advancement has helped businesses enter a new era. This is allowed them to stand out in the market and mark their significance amongst their competition.

Below have been mentioned 8 examples of technologies being incorporated with content marketing to maximize yield.

4 Examples of technology in collaboration with content and its influence

#1 Virtual reality:

New York Times is considered to be one of the bestselling newspapers in the United Sates. And that is mainly due to their skills of being able to adapt as new updates appear in the market. Their most recent formation is linked to virtual reality that allows users to immerse themselves into a virtual reality experience at a low cost, enabling them to experience stories rather than just reading them on paper. Users have the opportunity to get personal and witness stories unveil from up-close. The 360 degree video content takes audience’s on a whole new journey, they can basically go on trips to places that only existed within our imagination and thoughts.

Another example of virtual reality being used alongside content marketing is of how Excedrin used the stimulator to demonstrate the symptoms migraines. The system uses features such as unclear vision, blinking spots and dizziness; mimicking real symptoms to allow non-sufferers comprehend the struggles that come along with this health issue.

#2 Use of drones:

National geographic, that is famously known for its research and presentation concerning the natural world experiments with drones to obtain rare footages. This allowed the viewers to learn something new that had never been explored before by anyone.

Apart from national geographic, a fashion company located in Colombo used drones to present their clothing line. What they did was attach mannequins to drones and hovered them around. This caused significant amount of stir within the industry and gained their brand awareness. The event has been seen over 150,000 times on social media alone.

#3 Interactive video content:

Two of the leading retailers teamed up to showcase an interactive video that portrayed a woman exercising after waking up. They spiced up the video by allowing viewers to choose her clothing by the help of buttons. Not only did this engage the viewers but enabled them to know more about the merchandise according to their needs and requirements, which enhanced customer satisfaction for the brands. This resulted in an increase in sales and consumer rates, since the marketing strategy included features that allowed exploration and uniqueness.

Something similar was done by a French fashion brand. They used an interactive video that was directed in an aesthetic manner, allowing the user to pause the video and interact with the merchandise at will. They had the option to go through catalogs and browse freely. This surely impacted on the brands followership that was increased to as far as 280,000 visits by customers.

#4 Live streaming:

Live streaming has become highly common amongst marketers that make use of public events to advertise their brands products and services. It’s an exciting way to engage viewers and influence them to transform into customers. A UK based women’s magazine hosted events that were live streamed on several online platforms. Viewers were able to post queries and their personal concerns regarding the event and that allowed them to gain information through an easily accessible channel. It was an operative method to promote brands without needing to go through unnecessary procedures.

Food industry is known to use visual content for their marketing campaigns. It tends to lure in viewers by increasing their temptations. It’s an impressive way to stimulate someone’s taste buds.

How new technologies can assist businesses?

Online marketing has become more and more crowded and brands are in constant search to find newer methods to help themselves deliver content and gain more attention. Traditional content that consisted of blogs and written pieces is still in trend, however, it has more chances of being overshadowed by the current technological advancements. But by putting constituents that are a part of evolution, brands can raise their awareness more efficiently and effectively.

The best part about it is that technology is gaining diversity overtime, this also means that it is far more accessible than it was five years back. That emphasizes on brands having easy passages to connect with their consumers. Now businesses are no more required to fret over how they can create a Wikipedia page or form content that stands out. Guidance is easily available across different platforms and to spark it up, we have technology.

It is no secret, that audience expect big things from the brands they wish to associate with. And thanks to technologies, brands can format content, alter it, craft it flawlessly and present it according to their customer’s wishes and wants.

Now that you have understood the use of technology when it comes to content marketing, you can implement these method for your brand and ensure its success. Not only will you be able to improve your consumer rate but your conversion rates as well. This will influence your customers to associate with your brand and form an effective relationship that assists both of you. In manner to stand out differently from your competition you will be required to keep a lookout for the new technological advancements and put them to use as per the requirements of the recent times. It’s always best to stay on top of the game by having a competitive edge over all those within the same industry. This competitive edge can only be achieved by being aware of the trends that are flourishing in the market.

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