5 New Technological Advancements in Household Appliances


Home appliances have come a long way over the years. While they still rely on a number of mechanical and working parts, the technological aspect has certainly taken appliances to a new level (which can make appliance repair that much more complex).  In this article, we will put forth 5 new technological advancements in household appliances. And after that you can buy whatever suits you the most. There are several service providers such as https://www.nick-appliance.com/ that can help you out with ease.

1. Cooking Technology

The way we cook our meals has changed dramatically. Not too long ago, we became acquainted with the speed and convenience of microwave cooking and reheating. However, since then, many people have moved away from the fast option and they choose methods that produce more nutritious meals instead. Just because you are preparing a meal from scratch does not mean that it has to be as time-consuming as it was in the past.

Wireless kitchen: If you are tired of all those unsightly and hazardous power cords, then a wireless kitchen is for you. You can enjoy a luxurious and practical kitchen thanks to wireless kitchen counters with built-in wireless power for laptops, mobile devices, and small kitchen appliances.

Smart Fridge: Samsung is one brand that has always stayed on top of innovative technology. Their Family Hub smart fridge helps with meal planning based on the contents of your fridge. It also helps prevent food from going to waste or going bad. Other functions also include the ability to control smart home devices such as thermostats, lights and you can even stream music all via voice commands.

Smart ovens: Some of the most exciting new oven features include food ID technology, HD cameras, and an internal scale and thermometer. Your oven can now recommend the appropriate cooking method and time. The thermometer will notify you via an alert when the internal temperature of your food is just right. No more cutting up that roast just to check if it’s cooked! Another benefit of smart ovens is that you use far less energy which is always good news.

Cooktops: Even your cooktop can offer more than just a hot cooking surface. You can now enjoy Wi-Fi capabilities so that you can control the temperature from your phone and hot surface indicator lights.

2. Laundry Technology

Nobody enjoys doing laundry, which is why we all want to get it done as quickly as possible. Smart laundry appliances make this chore quicker, easier and more efficient.

Washers: If you don’t like the idea of leaving your washer ‘unsupervised’, then you will love the remote monitoring via Wi-Fi. Cold wash options help you keep your energy bills down while other technology helps minimize water usage.

Dryers: Thanks to the new ability to check humidity and moisture levels, certain dryer models can now automatically add more drying time if needed. So, you don’t have to check on your laundry – your dryer does it for you. Dryers with a steam or similar feature also help smooth out those wrinkles.

3. Dishwasher Technology

Even dishwasher technology has taken a giant leap of late. Depending on the brand and model that you select, there are designs that include hidden controls. In other words, the controls for your dishwasher are situated on the top of the door. They are not ordinarily visible which creates a wonderfully sleek design. GE has designed a dishwasher with a specially developed app. This allows you to access various features via your smartphone. You can set timers, receive wash cycle alerts and even control your dishwasher from another room in your home!

4. Small Appliance Technology

Technological advancements are not limited to large household appliances. Smaller appliances also benefit from some fantastic and useful features that make basic chores and tasks that much easier.

Coffee Machines: Making coffee is no longer about boiling water and adding some instant powder. Today we want the best quality brew with minimum effort. If this is you, then look for a coffee machine with the capabilities you require. Depending on the make and model, some features from which you can choose include automatic brewing or even doubling as a morning alarm. Smartwatch integration allow your watch to notify your coffee machine that you did not get your usual amount of sleep and you will need a bit of an extra caffeine boost.

Blenders: Smart blenders and their corresponding apps keep track of nutritional information and they can even help you create your grocery list. NutriBullet is one example of a brand that has taken their blenders to the next level.

Crock-Pots: Whoever thought that a crock-pot could have Wi-Fi capabilities? Well, there are select models that do! Thanks to this technological upgrade, you can monitor your food via an app on your mobile device. You can also control the cooking process and make changes to the temperature if need be.

These are just some of the ways in which technology is changing the way we cook, clean and even watch TV! Our mobile devices are becoming increasingly essential and there are plenty of current integrations with dozens more on the way for sure. Appliance Technology is making giant leaps which is why it’s more important than ever to make sure that you always choose a trained and experienced appliance repair technician whenever your appliances are experiencing issues.

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