A Blogging Guide for College Students (How to start a blog?)


Starting a blog in college: primary purposes, challenges, and making money

If writing is your cup of tea, you enjoy it and cope with academic writing assignments easily while your group mates are looking for help services in speedy paper reviews on scamfighter.net, you can try your hand at creating a blog. This is especially relevant for Journalism majors who plan their future careers and want to practice their writing. As college doesn`t teach you everything, you need to look for ways to implement your best qualities and skills. Creating a blog can become the first step.

Eight reasons why having a blog can help you in college:

  • Bloggers are often called micro-influencers as they can impact their audience with their opinion;
  • Having a blog, you not only practice writing, you understand how advertising works, how brand`s image is built and how you can manipulate your audience (both in good and bad ways);
  • Bloggers can earn…a lot. Starting from page views and ending up with advertisements placed to your blog articles. For a college student, this is a great way of making some money;
  • The blog is your digital diary. Do you remember how you trusted all your pain and joy to your old notebook? Now you can balance your life digitally, reporting about your life events in your blog (this is a great way to get rid of college stress);
  • Blog expresses your creativity. It gives you a chance to show the world who you are and what you can do via creating stories in your personal style;
  • The blog can help others. As you are writing not for yourself but for your audience, people listen to your opinion and advice and can find something useful in your content;
  • The blog can become a part of your CV. Applying for a job as a journalist or writer, the best example and proof of your experience can become your blog;
  • Blogs unite people. With the help of your blog, you can meet different cool people and make new friends from different parts of the world.

How to build your blog (quick guide for beginners):

  1. Choose the name and platform. WordPress is the most accessible free tool you can use, so this part is done. Choosing the name is harder: it should be recognizable and reflect the content you create;
  2. Pick a theme. The overall look of your website is important, so try to customize it if possible depending on the main topic of your blog (art, cooking, books, etc.);
  3. Create content. Before you launch, you should fill your blog with articles (at least a few ones). Launching without some content is one of the top mistakes of starting bloggers. Check what your competitors are writing about, define the length of your posts and find relevant pictures;
  4. Promote your blog. The basis of every blog is the audience, so you need to find ways to attract traffic to your website. It can be guest posts on other blogs, social networks, Google ads, etc.;

Make money. One of the key reasons for starting a blog in college is making a profit, so you should consider how you can monetize your blog. Once you have many subscribers and good indicators of views and comments, different brands may contact you for ad placements. Choose them wisely to make it valuable for your audience.

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