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HR Software.

As the global pandemic, COVID-19 continues to spread all around the globe, it already has a notable impact on the global economy. It has not just led to an economic and labor market shock but also affected every firm adversely in terms of financial viability.

Truth be told, coronavirus has created an unprecedented disruption wherein the world is at a standstill, most countries have sealed their borders and quarantined, limits have been defined for human proximity, lifestyles have altered to mitigate the health crisis and for survival. All these changes were abrupt and have happened in no time.

The business world has not been left untouched and is equally impacted by this crisis. The virus is believed to have impacted the world of work drastically, putting all the businesses on the edge. With several companies shutting down, virtual workplaces have become the new normal lately. Working Remotely/From Home is no more an employee benefit but a mandate in India. Need to mention, the transition from “Working from Office” to WFH has been a knee jerk that has its own set of challenges. Especially for frontliners of companies including HR professionals and employers are facing the most challenges. As a result, more companies in India are relying on technology than ever before to efficiently manage work schedule adherence, performance, and more. Particularly, HR Software is today’s top trending topic, with hundreds and thousands of Indian companies switching to it.

Considering the benefits and features of the human resources software, there’s no doubt that such software is the need of the hour. While human resource operations have become super active and are on the front foot, the HR system is the ultimate way to take the burden off the managers’ shoulders.

In this blog, we will discuss everything you must know about HR software. Keep reading!

Evident Benefits

Here are some amazing advantages of human resource software:

  • Improves Efficiency

Using the right software, the company will witness a sudden improvement in the overall efficiency of its virtual team. Especially, firms with large headcounts can let go of the burden of administrative tasks. Talking about traditional tools, they are time-consuming and make things even more complicated. HR software, on the other hand, boosts productivity and saves a large chunk of time.

  • Saves Money

Investing in HR software is totally economical. Employers have just to worry about the setup fee, which is way lesser than hiring new people. With the increasing workload during WFH, most organizations are considering recruitment as the best option; however, it is not true. At a minimum cost, businesses can not just increase their employee productivity and engagement but also data accuracy, and security.

  • Cuts Down Errors

Even a small mistake results in serious consequences including hefty fines/penalties and lawsuits. Traditional tools/methods are often considered the biggest contributors to errors. Fortunately, HR software reduces the amount of error to a bare minimum. It carries out every tedious HR task with zero mistakes.


Here are some important features you must consider when purchasing software for your company:

#1 Scalability

Most software is divided and priced out by the number of employees in a company. Hence, HRs/employers should know the accurate figure in the first place. Then, it’s important to ensure that the software is scalable or not? One should always choose one of the best HRMS software that grows with the company.

#2 Scope of customizations

Consider software that fulfills every need of the company. HROne, a top-notch software in India, can be easily customized according to the nature of the business. This feature ultimately supports a company to sail through any circumstances.

#3 Comply With Litigations

Besides the set of standard payroll laws, there are numerous regulations that every organization is bound to comply with. So, it is equally vital to ensure that the software you consider is legally compliant.

#4 Mobile Accessibility

This feature is particularly useful in times like now. It helps the workforce to stay connected using their mobile devices, anywhere, anytime.

Steps To Pick The Software

Follow these steps to find your dream software:

  • Figure Out Your Requirements

With the Indian market bombarding companies with a host of software options, finding the best-fit software becomes a challenge. In order to avoid confusion, it is always best to make a list of requirements. That means HRs should analyze the actual needs of their workforce and write down all of them. Furthermore, this list will help to end up with the right software.

  • Decide & Stick To A Budget

After listing, the next step is to decide a budget that won’t burn a hole in employers’ pockets. Once the budget is fixed, it is the duty of the HRs/employers to find out software within that budget constraints.

  • Conduct Research

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of options today. Keeping this in mind, HR professionals should conduct good research and comparison before approaching any vendor. Never visit the market with zero inklings about HR software and allow vendors to fool you.

  • Take Demo

No matter free/paid, employers should never finalize software without taking a demonstration as it helps to examine and understand software more closely. This helps the employers to be double sure about the efficiency and features of the software before investing in it.

While taking the demo, it is important to check whether the software is going with the list of requirements or not. It is crucial to make sure if it is fast and efficient, which is why taking a demo is a must! Companies should make the final call only if it is sure that its HR department will be able to access and navigate the software confidently in the long run.

As the whole business world is facing an unprecedented situation– staying calm and acting prudently is the best response now. Leaders should assess the uncertainty of the situation by outlining clear priorities, focussing on employee wellbeing, and more.

Needless to mention, this time is indeed tough. It becomes a shared responsibility wherein, both the employers and the employees should come together. That means when employers invest in HR software for the betterment of their virtual team, employees should put their best foot forward and support the company to salvage the current situation.

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