Apps to Play During a Long Day at the Cricket


There are always times within a cricket match where you are going to find yourself with nothing to watch, whether it is due to bad weather or bad light stopping play or whether it is when the players themselves are taking their well-earned lunch break.

It is at these times where you are going to have to find yourself some other entertainment or turn on the radio to listen to the commentators talking about what you have already seen and their own speculation on what is going to happen next, which although many find entertaining, can also be a bit tiresome should they just be going over the same point again and again.

Match-three games

If the match that you have been watching has been particularly exciting, you may feel that you want to give your mind a rest from the excitement and go for a relaxing game that takes neither concentration nor brainpower at all. In this case, match-three games will probably suit you down to a tee.

Although there are some match-three games that are just that, Candy Crush being one of them, there are others that want you to be involved with their storyline which can sometimes be amusing but in others just daft. In these games you are generally matching three to get the main character to perform a task, for instance in HomeScapes it is house renovation, whereas in Lily’s Garden it is, you guessed it, gardening.

Casino games

Of course, you can continue on your exciting day by playing some exciting games that are neither tedious nor boring. Some of the casino games that are available on the Best gambling apps are more challenging than others, for instance, slots are generally a more relaxed and easy affair than say blackjack or video poker where you will require a bit of a strategy and your mind could very well be tested as you play against the house AI and the result is governed by a random number generator.

If you are more interested in the quicker games, there are always games such as roulette or slots (which could give you literally thousands of options), which can be picked up and put down as and when it looks like you have a bit of time on your hands.

Town building

There are other games such as the town or civilization-building games that require a little more brainpower, a level of strategy, and a bit more time to play. In most of these games, your spare time is made up of fulfilling customer orders, but you will generally have to layout and build your town or city as well.

These games can be a little bit frustrating in the fact that you do when you get so far have to put the game down and come back to it later, whether it is due to you running out of energy, you are running short of in-game money or more than likely just having to wait for a certain procedure to take place or a building to finish being built.

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