Fortnite Accolade XP Guide: How to Earn Accolade XP in Fast Ways in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Fortnite Accolade XP Guide

Due to the update of latest Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, many players have to level up their Fortnite Battle Pass from zero. When they upgrade their Battle Pass levels, they can get some good rewards including new cosmetics, music tracks, and amount of Fortnite V-Bucks. So, in order to reach high levels of Battle Pass, they want to know ways to get Accolade XP fast in Fortnite. If you are interested , you can get the guidance from read this article. FN Accounts are available for players who want to play matches with high level players in the Fortnite.

Fortnite Accolade XP Guide

There are several different kinds of challenges for players to complete in Fortnite. For instance, daily challenges, weekly challenges, and milestone challenges. These challenges will reward players with XP, while these XP are not doubled by Epic Games. It only doubled Accolade XP, which is a kind of XP that players can earn during a regular game of Fortnite.

What’s Accolade XP in Fortnite?

Players can earn Accolade XP from different actions, such as exploring new locations, completing chests, and even reaching new storm circles. And in normal matches of Fortnite, players can also get Accolade XP through looting, shooting, and surviving on the island.

How to Earn Accolade XP Fast in Fortnite

Play All Game Modes Regularly in Fortnite

When you plan to get more Accolade XP in Fortnite, you had better complete your daily, weekly, story, and milestone challenges until reaching the XP cap every day. Save the World and Creative Modes are also available for players all the time.

As you reach the Creative and Save the World XP caps each day, you will be rewarded 11 Battle Pass levels every day. The Accolade XP on top of your daily and weekly challenges will make you reach Battle Pass level 200 fast, you don’t need to buy extra levels in Creative Modes.

Interact with everything in Matches

When you are playing matches against players in Fortnite, you can choose to complete some quests or challenges on the table in the process of matching. You can do a lot of things in the marches to earn Accolade XP fast. For instance, opening chests, killing players, gathering rare items, and surviving the Storm Circle.

Players can try to search for chests, ammo boxes, or supply drops and open them at the same time. Talking to NPCs, fishing, making kills with various weapons, and playing with friends can also bring you a large amount of Accolade XP and level up your Battle Pass quickly.

Use Party Assist to help you Complete More Quests

When you plan to complete more quests in short time, you can try to use Party Assist and make it. Party Assist is one of the most effective features in Fortnite. When you play with friends in Duos, Trios, or best of all Squads, you can share all the progress your teammates complete in qualifying weekly quests.

Especially, as you are going to complete tackling challenges with multiple tiers. For instance, a specific quest asks players to land 30 headshots in total, you can take advantage of Party Assist Feature to complete in short time, which will save you a lot of time on completing certain challenges.

In order to gather more Accolade XP for leveling up your Battle Pass in Fortnite, we have recommended some useful and fast ways for you to achieve the goals. So, you can try to experiment these effective ways in Fortnite, and earn more XP for your Battle Pass level. In addition, if you are looking for some unique skins of characters in Fortnite, you can try to Buy Fortnite Accounts that contains a lot of unique skins or cosmetics of characters.

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