IoT and CMMS integration- How it can transform maintenance operations

Since Iot or internet of things is known as a network of devices, machines or objects in connection with each other via internet and work automatically without human interaction, integration of CMMS and IoT could be a game changer in the industry of maintenance management. Industry can innovate and connect in this way with fewer traditional boundaries and more freedom to get things done accordingly.

In recent few years usage of IoT in business settings has blown up amazingly and no business can underestimate the benefits offered by internet of things. When computerized maintenance management system is integrated with IoT, the future of maintenance industry looks brighter than ever before. In this way, not only overall operational efficiency will be increased but it will also play a vital role in cutting the business costs down greatly to boost the revenues at the end.

Internet of things and computerized maintenance management system

When a maintenance management software or CMMS is successfully integrated with the IoT technology, it can generate real time alerts, data and information that can be stored, analyzed and used by the CMMS for better maintenance management planning and performance. All the obtained data from different sensors and devices connected to the CMMS via IoT usually transformed in to projecting analysis to develop a fertile maintenance routines and schedules.

Incorporation of CMMS solution with internet of things technology provides real time data analytics and perceptions that can improve the maintenance process in a best possible way.By doing so, all the connected devices and sensors keep you updated with risk indications in order to get things right by taking appropriate actions in order to prevent serious issues and damages later.

For instance, when a sensor connected with the computerized maintenance management system software shows excessive machine vibration or energy consumption than normal position, the facility managers can inspect the machine for conceivable breakdown or failure immediately not only to prevent machine breakdown but to save business money in terms of eliminating the expensive maintenance or repairs.

IoT connected devices and sensors can also provide the facility manages with valuable data and real time alerts to perform the necessary actions and maintenance works instantly to keep the business away from operational deficiency and additional costs. A CMMS incorporated with IoT not only help the business prevent unexpected asset failure or breakdown but also forecast expected problems in days to come by providing most accurate and authentic details and information to the facility managers and staff.

Role of IoT in maintenance management improvement

Cost Savings

When you have maintenance management software incorporated with different devices via IoT, there will be no need to hire special staff for periodic asset inspection in order to identify faults and issues because the devices and sensors will perform the job with enhanced accuracy and reliability. In this way, the facility management concerns will get alerts in real time to resolve the issues on initial stage to prevent expensive repairs and maintenance in future. It will not only save the money but other business resources as well to utilize them for more productive tasks.

Saves Time

IoT connected devices will provide the business notifications and alerts quickly in real time and there will be no need to inspect the whole machine or equipment to find out the problem or issue. In results, the issues and problems can be fixed in less time even by using a fewer business resources. Facility manages and staff can also acquire the required data and information for total productive maintenance in real time without waiting for hours to get the job done as soon as possible.

Enhanced Life of Assets

As CMMS software integrated with IoT can generate alerts and notifications in real time, the maintenance management staff can take timely actions to keep the business assets in good working condition by resolving the minor issues and problems before getting late. At the end, the business will enjoy enhanced life of assets and improved operational efficiency to produce more in less time.

Reduced Downtime

When all the business assets will be maintained properly, chances of breakdown and failure are always fewer that can help business boost its production and overall business operations to enjoy increased revenues and profits at the end.

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