How To Find Buried Treasure In Minecraft?

minecraft buried treasure map

If you are using Minecraft, buried treasure Minecraft can be a great option to enjoy the adventure. But often people find it difficult to locate buried treasure? So, we will let you know the steps behind them to get your work done easily.

buried treasure minecraft

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Step 1: Finding Oceans

minecraft oceans

To navigate the oceans, you’ll usually need to craft a boat. To make a boat, you need five matching planks (in the Bedrock and Education Editions, you also need a wooden shovel). A plank is made by merely crafting a piece of wood down to make four planks.

Once you have the boat, you have the opportunity to explore the ocean and you may find unique things there.

Step 2: Shipwrecks and Ruins

Shipwrecks and Ruins

While exploring the ocean, you’ll notice unusual features on the ocean floor or near the shores.

  • Shipwrecks appear as parts of a ship underwater, either upright or on its side. Most shipwrecks will have three chests, one of which contains a buried treasure map.
  • Additional loot inside these chests can be just as valuable, so there’s much more to maps than just exploring them.
  • Also, you can look for some underwater creatures and substances that are made up of stone or bricks.
  • Now, when you explore these ruins you can very well find the buried treasures from it.
  • Also, keep exploring in order to find new treasures and other such things.
  • You can also look for some enchantments and potions to make the diving part easier to manage.

Step 3: Follow the Map

Follow the Map

Once you’ve found a map, follow it. Each map will clearly mark the treasure spot with a red X. All you need to do is navigate to it. An unexplored map will have rough outlines of the treasure’s terrain, but it is usually fairly near the shipwreck you found it in.

  • The white marker on the map allows you to see your location.
  • If your marker is on the bottom left corner, for example, you need to move north (or northeast) until you see yourself on the map.
  • It will require a bit of trial and error, but we’re sure you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Step 4: Dig


Once you’ve found the X on the map, you’ll need to dig around. The buried treasure chest is usually buried in the sand. We recommend a higher-quality shovel to go through all the sand quickly. The treasure is usually not directly on the X, so make sure you go a few blocks around it as well.

While the digging takes a lot of time but you have to maintain your calm to a great extent. If you are digging underwater, you need to make sure that you look at the depth and there might not be anything left that is not used by you.

Step 5: Enjoy the Loot

Buried treasure chests contain very valuable loot, and are among the most consistent sources of diamonds and emeralds in the game, as over half of them will contain both. You can also get some TNT this way. Another valuable item is the Heart of the Sea, which is guaranteed in every treasure chest and is a powerful crafting item.

Now, once you found all the details and all the things inside the ocean, you need to take all things together and enjoy the loot. Also, make sure to use each and every detail and things you find efficaciously so that they give you a lot of benefits in the future.


Thus, you see this is the whole procedure that you need to take into account. Buried treasure is one of the best aspects of adventuring in Minecraft. Exploring the ocean can be time-consuming, but you will quickly become proficient in locating ruins and shipwrecks with some practice. Make sure you’re prepared properly for the long journey, and your efforts will be greatly rewarded. You will get a lot of things in the whole journey that makes your experience very exciting and lets you enjoy the Minecraft to the fullest. But make sure that you follow the steps with great care and caution so that you are better able to use the Minecraft.

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