Step by Step Guide on How to Play Solitaire


Solitaire is a classic card game, but some of its variants are popular in their own way. There are many different versions of free Solitaire games, like Spider Solitaire, Classic Solitaire, and more, but the most popular one is FreeCell Solitaire.

This version of the game involves a regular deck of 52 cards dealt across 8 columns. The four columns on the left have 7 face-up cards, and the four on the right have 6 face-up cards.
While this Solitaire version became popular many years ago, it has continued to attract players from all around the world.

Many people play Solitaire for money, while some play it just for fun and entertainment. Whether you are a passionate player or want to play for fun, here’s a step-by-step guide to playing Solitaire.

FreeCell Solitaire Game Rules and Set Up

FreeCell Solitaire is a classic game that you can play with 52 cards. If you are playing an offline game, you need to purchase a deck of cards, which is easily available at any retailer.

How to Set Up Solitaire

To set up a Solitaire game, you only need a flat surface.

  • Shuffle the cards and place cards in eight piles on the table.
  • Four tableaus will have seven cards, and the remaining four piles will have six cards.
  • You can temporarily place cards in the free cells while playing games.

Once you have set up the game, you can move any Aces to the foundation pile as they become available.

The goal is to move all the cards into the foundation piles from Ace to King.

Rules of FreeCell Solitaire

Each tableau column has exposed cards that are available for play. If you wish to reveal the card underneath the exposed card, you can move it to the empty FreeCell slot.

You can transfer each available Ace to HomeCells (foundation piles). Make sure you build foundation piles from Ace to King in ascending order.

If the card helps you form a descending sequence of alternate colors, you can move it from the end of the one column to another.

How to Play FreeCell Solitaire?

The FreeCell Solitaire game has a simple concept where you need to place the cards of each suit in the foundation piles, beginning from Ace and going up to King. You have four foundation piles of each suit by the end of the game.

Here’s how you can move cards:

  • You can move face-up cards from one pile to other piles. But it’s only possible if the card you are moving is one number lower. Also, the moved card must be in alternate color. For instance, you can put five of diamonds under six of clubs. Each of the foundation piles starts with aces from different suits.
  • Similarly, moving cards to the foundation piles is also possible. Every foundation pile begins with an ace. Then the remaining cards are placed underneath as they become available in ascending order.

Here’s how you play a standard FreeCell Solitaire game:

Before placing any card in the foundation pile, make sure that you don’t need it. That’s because you cannot put back a card in free cells or tableau once it is placed in foundation piles.

If you wish to free the cards stuck behind others, you can turn one solitaire from one column to another. Try to place the cards in descending order and alternate colors.

During the game, keep an eye on the empty tableau. If there are any empty columns, immediately move a card to free up space. Try to move the cards strategically. Each of your free cells can only hold one card.

Remember that you cannot win every Solitaire game. Sometimes, certain cards break from unexpected points, which makes winning impossible. But you can follow the best game strategy to win the game.

Tips to Win Solitaire Game

If you wish to win the game of FreeCell Solitaire, remember to follow these tips:

  • Do not start playing the game without knowing the objective of the game. In the FreeCell solitaire, you need to arrange the cards in four piles in ascending order. By the end of the game, you must have four cells with 13 cards in identical suits.
  • You must try to move your Aces and twos as soon as possible in the game. Once you move these two cards to the foundation pile, you’ll have an easier time getting the rest of the cards where they need to go.
  • While using free cells, you need to be careful. Try to fill free cells with cards that you know how to get out of that cell again.
  • Empty tableau in the FreeCell Solitaire game is similar to free cells, but it’s better. That’s because you can build on the tableau like you would in a game of classic Solitaire.
  • Understanding and mastering FreeCell Solitaire in less time is not possible. So, you need to have patience and practice regularly. This way, you can understand the rules and win almost all the games.

Win or Lose in Free Cell Solitaire

You only win the FreeCell Solitaire game when you have four cells, each with 13 cards, from Ace to King. However, you lose if you run out of moves in the game.

FreeCell Solitaire is a fun game, but if you are unaware of the rules and strategy, you might not win or find the game relaxing.


FreeCell Solitaire is a fun game offering many benefits to the mind. Not only does this card game help you pass the time, but it also increases cognitive function and focus.

While FreeCell Solitaire for beginners has simple rules, it can still be challenging. That’s why you must know about the rules of this game to win. In addition, you can use tips and tricks to maintain a safe position in the game.

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