The benefits of cross posting apps

cross posting apps

In the last couple of years the success of digital resell platforms, so called marketplaces, has increased consistently over time. The change in the way people get products and services helped the development of digital platforms to provide all kinds of products and services that can be acquired through the internet. Users have shown interest on these platforms because they represent the opportunity to begin a business project, an opportunity to make profit with a relatively small investment.

Nowadays there are multiple digital platforms that provide this type of service, and also social networks such as Facebook, have a marketplace feature.

These digital platforms allow sellers to list their products on their websites, providing a well built structure, which makes it easy for buyers to find what they need. Each of these marketplaces has its own sort of audience. A clever strategy for users to increase their sellings and gain visibility for their products, will be to list on as many marketplaces as possible, this way they will reach a larger number of potential buyers, and grow their chances to make a sale.

At this point is when crossposting becomes a good strategy, basically cross posting means publishing the same product on a different number of platforms, this is a simple task to get done, but it demands time. The difficulties arise when the stock of products for sale is very large, because posting each item on a different platform one at a time will require a lot of time that could be spent on more useful tasks.

Save time with cross posting apps

cross posting apps

One practical solution to not waste time posting each item, are the cross posting apps. These apps will help the seller to save time, what they offer is a service that allows the user to post on many platforms at the same time. With cross listing apps the seller will only have to design one listing, and the app will replicate the post on multiple marketplaces platforms.

Among the many advantages these apps represent, the most significant one is the gain of visibility and the increase of potential sellers that comes with that. The more people see the offered item, the more people will potentially buy it. Each platform has its own kind of user, and it’s focused on particular types of items, with these apps the seller will have the chance to reach a broad range of audiences with different interests.

Another advantage of using a cross posting app is that it saves time. With this advantage the seller can spend more time focusing on, for example; designing a marketing strategy, or getting to know the clients interests, to provide them with a better service.

Mind the Fees

One thing to keep attention on are the fees of each marketplace, each one of these platforms can have a different price for the service they provide, some may charge the seller for the amount of products listed, some others may apply charges for transactions made.

A good research is useful to make the most convenient decision on which platform to list the products.

Another expense to consider are the shipping fees, some of these platforms include the cost of the shipping in the price of the listed product, some others charge the buyer for the delivery. It’s important to check and be informed on how these charges apply, specially on the pricing process, because they may have an impact on the profit margin per sale.

A good reputation is key

One important factor when selling online is the reputation of the seller. The way sellers get a good or bad reputation is through the reviews.

Before making a purchase online its usual for the potential buyers to read the reviews and comments, this way they can find out how was the experience of previous buyers, some of the interest are about the time of the delivery, quality of the items, the safety on the paying process, and the response to inconveniences or problems with the product.

Taking time to read and care for the customers needs and concerns, will favor the development  of a trustworthy relation with the customers, leading to position as a better qualified reseller.

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