Download FaceTime For PC Windows’s 7/8/XP

Communicating is the best gift humans have and with the latest inventions in technology, you can not only call and speak, but you can also see the person while you talk. Video calling is one of the most widely preferred option to make phone calls all over the world. FaceTime is an app that allows you to make calls with video. Here you can find how to download facetime for windows.

The app was specifically designed for iPad and apple products, but now, not necessarily. As you can also download the app on your windows desktop and make your video calls away and speak to the people all over the world.


Features of FaceTime

Any Apple user knows what is a Facetime, but yet many want to use this app on windows PC (7,8,XP). There are various other video calling apps for windows and one might ask why FaceTime. Facetime is an app developed specifically for apple, and if it is one way of telling that the app is developed from high professional developers, it still has many other features that make FaceTime stand out than other apps. Here are some of the features of FaceTime, which makes many to download it.

  • Good quality – unlike any other video calling apps, FaceTime has the best quality of audio and video when you make calls in comparison to others. It’s a good feeling to see the person to whom you talk.
  • No call or voice charges – one of the best features is FaceTime calls do not count the call minutes or charge for any calls made. All it needs is both the users should have the Wi-Fi connection or a 3G/4G data connection with good speed.
  • The Connectivity – connectivity is excellent and it does not let you hang up in the middle of the call due to connectivity issues. Speaking in FaceTime is a pleasant experience and makes you feel as if the person is just in front of your eyes for real.
  • Tilting for a better view – while on the call, you can also see your own image because of the in-buit camera and the webcam in front. Sometimes this may make the other person image drop down. FaceTime let’s you tilt and turn your video into a landscape or portrait depending on the things the caller likes to show. This way it is useful to have a view of the background of the caller if he or she likes you to have a look.
  • Block FaceTime calls – Not all the time is good for video calling. Sometimes you might be in the bath or sometimes in a place where you do not wish your caller to see you. To avoid such instances you can go to setting and change the FaceTime call settings and block the video. Blocking video call will still allow you to make audio call and take the people in the same way except you do not get to see them or they see you.
  • Mute the audio – You are talking to the caller, but in between the call, you would like to confirm about something the caller said or asked from a third person around you. In such cases, you can always mute the audio by tapping on the microphone. You will still stay connected on call and the caller will be able to see you, but will not be able to hear you.

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Downloading method on Windows

Downloading the FaceTime app for windows is pretty simple and all it requires is to follow a few steps. Here is what you need to do to download the app.

  1. To download the app developed specifically for apple products, you need an emulator. Blustacks is an emulator through which you can download FaceTime app.
  2. Download Bluestacks and install it on your PC
  3. Type in FaceTime in the search option of Bluestacks. Once you find it, click on it and install.
  4. The app will be installed on your PC
  5. You can enjoy the app in the same way as any apple products and make calls free of cost.

If you find any problem installing FaceTime on windows do ask for help in comments.