Essential Elements of a Modern Website Design

Essential Elements of a Modern Website Design

Nowadays, people are using websites for just about anything. The dependence on the internet and the extended use of online marketplaces have called for innovations in web design.

Having a good web design makes it easier for visitors to find the information they need on the website, promotes a higher retention rate, and increases user satisfaction. It can even positively impact your SERP rankings.

Essential Elements of a Modern Website Design

So, if you still have a website that looks like a newspaper classification page, you must hire a web design agency to revamp your business website. Geelong web design company has extensive experience in website design and can ensure your business thrives. Such website design agencies will improve the look and feel of your website and make it more user-friendly. A great website can set you apart from the competition in your industry.

The agency will follow modern website design elements and trends to make the best possible website for your business.

Here are some essential modern website design elements: 

1. Responsive layout

Responsive web design makes your website usable across all types of devices. In today’s world, people not only use their laptops or desktop to access the website but use mobile phones and tablets as well.

A web designer will build a website for you that can adapt to any screen size without compromising the quality of the web design and the overall interface of the website.

As of now, mobile devices account for half of the website traffic, which means that if the website does not adapt to a mobile-friendly design, it will lead to dissatisfaction among viewers.

A responsive web design was an add-on a decade ago, but now, it is a necessity.

2. Clean and simple typography

Typography is a website design trend that has stayed here for a long time. The typographic design offers a bold and minimal look, and this helps you highlight the text on your website to make it more appealing to the visitors.

When you hire an agency for the website design, they will ensure the typography on the website is as per the brand’s design language. Sticking to the brand language will create uniformity and make the brand more recognizable by the visitors in the long term.

3. Speed optimizations

People decide whether they want to stay on the website or not in a blink. So, if your website and the leading web pages are loading slowly, the visitor will not exhibit patience but would instead exit the website altogether.

The expert web designers will ensure that all the website elements are responsive and do not slow down the loading speed. To make the website much faster, they will make the necessary tweaks in the animations, images, and overall user interface.

A fast website can decrease your website’s bounce rate and enhance the user experience.

Moreover, Google considers page loading speed as a ranking factor as per SEO experts, which makes it more critical to ensure that the site loads faster. If not, it can negatively affect the ranking of your website.

4. SEO friendliness

SEO is closely linked to all the aspects of a website, including web design. The elements that a website designer uses impact the SEO optimizations.

The experts from a web design agency will ensure that all the meta tags, titles, sitemap, and other such things are in place. If any aspect of SEO is being tampered with, it can have an adverse effect on the SERP rankings.

5. White space

It is best not to clutter the website with information in every corner. The website designer will use white space to focus on valuable information, and it does not overstimulate the visitor with flashy colors or a cluttered web page. Using white space effectively can make the website look more professional, organized, easy to navigate, and readable.

These are some essential modern website design elements that a reputable website design agency would use to spruce up your website.

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