Tips to feature your content to the top of Google’s SERP

Tips to feature your content to the top of Google's SERP

Google’s SERP always gets updated with new features affecting the content by getting better at answering user’s queries and how we optimize it. It is done to enhance user experience and make data easily accessible right on the spot. The digital marketers, bloggers and website owners should constantly monitor all-new Google’s SERP features to stay up-to-date with the changes and respond to them accordingly. In this article, we are going to discuss various SERP features and tips on how to optimize your content strategy to be on the top charts.

The featured snippets:

The target of the featured snippets is to provide instant answers to several questions asked in the search boxes of the search engine. This feature picks up the most relevant answers from the top-grossing websites and displays it inside of a box on the top of the SERP with the website link attached to the featured snippet. To gain more popularity traffic, the featured snippets play an important role and improve your website authority.

How to get your content featured on the featured snippets?

  • You have to optimize the content of your website very smartly.
  • Make sure you present your content in the form of question and answers. The featured snippets are widely popular as they pick up answers of the hottest searched topic. So focus must be given whether your content is optimized for each targeted query. You can take the help of Zenserp to enable fats search result scrapping with Google search API.
  • You should always focus on the trending keywords to appear on the top of the page. Use keywords to the headings, subheadings and use paragraph tags.
  • Try to insert some bullets and numbered lists on your content. It would be better if you give step by step bulleted instruction of any procedure. Keep the targeted content less than 50 words as the featured snippets do not contain too much text.

Local packs:

Earlier, when we used to search for some businesses in the local area, it used to display the top 7 results. But now the Google displays only three results to better serve mobile users. Plus, this a new feature of the SERP shows Google Maps results, reviews, working hours, a physical address and a link to a company’s website. The results of the local packs depend upon the user’s location and sit at the top of the page under the AdWords results.  This feature is very much essential for people with local businesses and they need to provide accurate details about them. With local packs, local businesses can increase conversions and find plenty of potential customers.

How to get the local packs on Google SERP?

  • You need to optimize your content and website according to the local SEO.
  • You must improve your business page on Google My Business.
  • You should add your website to the local directories to increase the chances of featuring your content and website.
  • You have to create amazing Schema Markup for your local business.
  • You should also optimize your site for mobile search.

Get on the knowledge graph:

It is Google’s realistic way to display all facts, organizations, people, and places together in a separate, long box to provide a relevant answer to a question on the SERP. The Knowledge Graph results are drawn from different trustworthy sources with a link to a certain page and sit at the top of the SERPs.

How to get featured on the knowledge graphs?

You should try to optimize your content for informational queries. You can also include various long-tail keywords in your content to improve your SEO rankings, get more traffic and exclude the competition.

You should always use SERP and optimize your content according to the SEO strategy. Once you get blended with the vibe of SEO, you will be able to recognize your faults and where your contenders are playing their moves. All the best!

Ganesh Kolekar
Ganesh Kolekar is a graduate and geek. He is the man behind keeping the quality of the posts and manages the content part on the website.

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