5 Overlooked Topic Ideas You Can Write About On Your Travel Blog

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There are a great multitude of travel blogs on the internet, and most of them honestly don’t seem all that different or unique from one another.

In order to make your blog stand out, you need to not only select topics that you think your readers will be interested, but also topics that aren’t covered enough on other travel blogs too.

Here are five overlooked topic ideas that you can write about on your travel blog:

Topic Idea #1 – Must Have Travel Items

In order to make this topic truly unique to your blog, you can focus on the specific travel items that you bring with you at all times, especially electronic items.

Talk about each of these items in-depth and why you can’t live without them as a traveler. You can also sent yourself up as an affiliate and link to some of the products on Amazon or elsewhere while you’re at it.

Topic Idea #2 – Tips On Studying Abroad

Even if you’ve never studied abroad yourself, you can still research this topic and write about it because it’s not a subject that receives a lot of attention on most travel blog. Otherwise, or else as a complimentary article or series of articles, you can write about tips that students can use for traveling alone for the first time too.

Topic Idea #3 – Overseas Payment Methods

This is seriously one of the most overlooked travel topics there is that you can write about. You could write a series of articles discussing the merits and disadvantages of the various payment options there are for overseas travel, such as remittance services, bank wire transfers, pre-paid debit cards, foreign credit cards, and so on.

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Topic Idea #4 – Digital Nomad Career Options

Basically, you can write about the various options there are for making money while traveling the world. If you have any experience with these options (such as writing, graphic design, affiliate marketing, or whatever else), you can share your story and pieces of advice on those options.

Topic Idea #5 – Disciplining Yourself To Work While Traveling

In order to make a living while traveling the world, you have to actually discipline yourself to get work done and not just have fun.

What are some of the strategies that you’ve used in your own life to discipline yourself while traveling the world? Talking about this subject from the perspective of your own life can help to make the article truly unique in contrast to other travel bloggers.

Overlooked Topic Ideas

As a travel blogger, coming up with new topics that you think people will want to read is a major part of what you do. But if you’ve been at a loss for new topics to write about, hopefully this article has at least given you some inspiration.

Each of these topics can either be written as a single article, or can be expanded into multiple articles in order to expand your blog’s content.

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