Top 10 Popular Search Engines In The World

Often most of us get stuck with the question, which are the 10 most popular and best search engines in the world. Besides Bing and Google, of course, there are various other search engines which various people do not know but can still take care of the million of search queries each day. Shocking and surprising, not many know is Google is not the only search engine which is available today online.

But there are search engines which provide a tough competition and can be considered as the top search engines. The following are the ten most popular search engines

#1 Google


Needing no amount of great introduction, this search engine holds the first place in search. Having a stunning difference of about 45% from Bing which holds the second place, the search results provided by Google is fast and precise. As per the latest report received from comscore, most of the searches (i.e. 69.5% of searches) are powered by Google and the remaining 25% are by Bing. Among the tablet and mobile search engines, Google is dominating the market share with about 89%.

#2 Bing


Microsoft’s attempt for challenging Google in the department of search engine, is Bing. However, despite the extreme effort they bring about in searching results, they cannot manage to convince the users that their search engine can produce better results than Google.



This search engine was previously called as Ask Jeeves, and it receives about three percentage of the entire search share. Here this search engine is quite different from others as it is based on the answer or question format, in which most of the questions are replied by other users or it is in the form of a poll. In addition, this search engine has got basic search functionality however, the results do not have the required quality in comparison of Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

#4 Yahoo


From October 2011, Yahoo search engine is run by Bing. Also, Yahoo is considered to be the most popular email provider and as per the reports, it holds the third place in search engines.



As per the netmarketshare, old timer like AOL is still present in the top ten search engines list where it has got the market share of about 0.6%. This so called AOL network has got various famous websites like, and even the

#6 DuckDuckGo


This search engine has got various advantages when compared to other search engines. The interface is clean and it does not track the users. There are no ads and it has got many interactive features (i.e. one of them is that you can search one page of result directly from other web sites). There are chances that other search engines may use some of the features of DuckDuckgo and with enough funding, this search engine would get a decent amount of market shares.

#7 Wolframalpha


This search engine is different from other search engines. It is marketed as Computational Knowledge Engine, which provides various data and facts on number of topics.



The was created by ex-Googlers. This search engine is presented as ‘spam free search engines’. Plus this search engine is quite suited for SEO and webmasters who would be needing extra data for SEO related strategies.

#9 WayBackMachine


The search engine that is considered as internet archive is the WayBackMachine. In this you can use the search engine for finding out how the website would look like from 1996, and it is one of the most useful tools for tracing the history of the domain.



As per alexa ranking, is considered to be the eight or ninth popular search engine. In US, it has got the ranking of 297, and is quite similar to the search engine.

Frankly, the above given are some of the basic and most user-friendly search engines. So, go ahead and check them out.