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Discord is a very popular social networking app, it is more popular among gamers worldwide who play every day and do live streams on their YouTube or Twitch channels, it is an instant messaging and voice/video calling platform. Users here communicate with each other creating their private server which gives them a good experience of gaming and streaming. In recent years discord has been growing fast. Many users are coming day by day creating their account on discord, it has become a very popular and interesting platform for communication and doing video calls, chatting with your community.

Discord regularly updates their app but the new update of discord is causing a problem to the users that they are stuck in the loop; it feels like stuck in a time warp. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can fix this update failure of discord so just read the full article and you will easily understand the solution to this.

Discord updates regularly but sometimes discord updates fail due to some reasons or maybe your device having some problem with the update so don’t worry we are going to provide every possible solution that you can apply to your device to fix this update on your own so let’s get ready.

There are many ways to fix this problem but we were gonna tell you the best solution out of it so below are some solutions that you can apply to your device and it will help you to fix this discord update failed.

Solution 1: Clear your data of Discord 

Close the Discord application fully and then go to your search bar, in the search bar type run you will get a dialogue box of run in that dialogue box type “%appdata%” then click the enter button to execute the command after that you will see a window popping up and in that there will be app data of all application you have installed search for the Discord application folder and right-click on it and delete the folder, also delete the local app data by doing the same process just like the app data and then relaunch your discord application then the problem should be solved if it still not working try next step given. Therefore, this is one solution you can try.

Solution 2: Check your VPN and proxy settings 

Many times, Discord applications might get stuck on a grey screen or won’t open because of using VPNs or a change in the device proxy settings. Just go to your Control Panel, then click on Network and internet option an internet properties window will appear, then click on the connections tab located on top of the window, you will see LAN setting option click on it and under the proxy server section if the checkbox is checked, unchecked it and click OK and then apply and then relaunch your discord application.

Therefore, this is one solution you can try and solve your issue. 

Solution 3: Run the application as an Administrator

When you have tried every possible solution to open discord and still it is facing the same problem then right-click on your application select the option “run as administrator” this technique will help to open the app and it is a simple fix but is effective to solve your discord update failed loop if this technique works which it will then you can set the permission of default running the application as an administrator. simply go to the properties of the app by doing right click on the app and head over to the compatibility option where you will find a checkbox written as “Run this program as an administrator” just check that checkbox and click on the apply button this will apply the settings to the app to always run as an administrator. Therefore, this is another solution you can try on your device.   

Solution 4: Rename the Discord file 

Sometimes the discord application may not work due to corrupted files present in it but discord makes sure that if the files present in the folder are corrupted then it deletes that file and download the new and fresh files from the internet and replaced them with the corrupted files that you were having previously so another reason maybe not properly downloaded the updated files or having crashed files while doing the update, in that case, go to the run tab of your device then put the command “taskkill /f /im discord.exe” now go to the update.exe files and rename it with UpdateBackup.exe this will help you to fix the discord update failed problem that you are facing on your computer.

Solution 5: Reinstall your Discord application

If you have done trying above all solutions and still facing the issue then there might be a problem while updating your application if your internet connection or any other thing faced some interruption then this can cause the discord update to fail and not being properly downloaded to overcome this problem just uninstall the whole application and go to their website and download the discord app again this time make sure while downloading your connection doesn’t get any interruption after reinstalling app your problem should be solved. Hence this is one trick you can try.


Discord is a very great platform to communicate with each other in your gaming community or other. It helps out to reach your friends quickly and chat with them or meet them virtually by the medium of video calling present in discord itself. Discord update failure is just one of the other many problems that are faced during the use of discord. if your discord update failed the solutions mentioned above will help you solve this issue but you can always use the discord website if your discord application is not working otherwise whenever you face this type of problem you can refer to our article to resolve your issue and next time if you had this type of issue then you will be able to solve this on your own. 

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