7 Unique Ways to Attract More Leads to Your Online Business

Why lead generation is the key to a great marketing strategy

Lead generation is a crucial part of the marketing process because it helps businesses to identify and target their ideal customers, and to create personalized and effective marketing campaigns that will resonate with those customers and encourage them to take action.

Many businesses nowadays are gaining a deeper understanding of how to leverage their online presence for the important task of lead generation. Strong digital brands utilize a wide variety of lead generation techniques, such as using trusted cold calling services, affiliate marketing, and others, to grow effectively.

Lead generation challenges

Despite the importance of lead generation, it’s quite difficult, so many businesses struggle. If the problem isn’t in finding a quantity of leads in the first place, there are the obstacles of quality and cost of leads as well.

Not having enough leads

Growth is impossible without a sufficient quantity of leads. Creating and implementing effective strategies for attracting and converting leads is extraordinarily difficult – that’s why the entire field of marketing was created! Digital marketing matters now more than ever when it comes to acquiring leads for your online business.

High quality leads

Quantity is not necessarily greater than quality. Once you have a lead, there’s no promise of them being interested in your product or service. Many online businesses have no problem getting visits or views, but struggle immensely with regards to converting those metrics to paying customers.

Steep cost per lead

Every lead requires some degree of time, money, and personnel to nurture and convert into a paying customer. The total resource cost, including investments in advertising, marketing, materials, and other resources, can be quite expensive. The more you can trim down on the cost associated with each lead – through automation, for example – the greater your potential return on investment.

7 unique ways to attract more leads to your business

Because lead generation is so important, yet difficult, a great deal of thought has been put into developing ways to generate new business leads. There are many roads that lead to your business, many of which haven’t been traveled yet. Some roads of discovery don’t even exist yet. By putting some time and effort into paving and developing these roads, you will open yourself up new leads from places you might not have expected.

Recreating written content to audio content

High-quality blog content is the cream of the crop, but once it’s out there, don’t just let it wither! You can repurpose your newsletters, articles, press releases, press reviews, stories, internal announcements, and more into audio content. Use paid readers or computer-generated voices to create audio recordings and republish your articles as podcasts or videos to reach brand new markets, including those who use oral search tools.

Generating opportunities via appointment scheduling

Certain scheduling software offer tools for inbound marketing that help you score more high quality leads more efficiently. As soon as you get leads, QikChat automatically distributes them amongst your sales team and automatically shares the assigned team member’s schedule with your lead, no matter the channel through which your lead arrived. This means that all clients who come across your business can book an appointment with just a click, wherever they are! This tool will help you capture all those leads who are put off by the hassle of back-and-forth scheduling or filling out booking forms by accelerating the entire process.

Creating online courses

You don’t need any certifications or special credentials to start an online course – just expertise. Online courses are a great way to generate new leads for your business. If you know your audience well, you’ll have no problem creating educational content that addresses their wants and needs.

By demonstrating your expertise and helping your leads achieve a successful outcome, you prove your worth better than any advertising or marketing could. Courses allow you to build rapport with an audience from around the world, accumulating trust and brand recognition, increasing the likelihood of your customers buying your product or service.

Creating online courses
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Asking satisfied customers to give referrals

Any small business owner knows that referrals are king. Especially with online businesses where there is a flood of competition across all industries, people need a reason to choose your business over the rest. Referrals are one of the best ways to establish trust right off the bat.

When your customers refer their friends and family to your online business, you’ll instantly have new high-potential visitors. Motivate your existing customers to refer your business to others they know in real life and on social media by offering incentives such as discounts and coupons for the new and the existing customers.

Giving free templates to help your audience

Writing is hard. Offering templates to provide editable frameworks for common writing tasks is an easily renewable way to provide value to lots of people, all of whom have the potential to convert into paying customers.

Some popular template ideas are resumes, cover letters, cold marketing emails, grant applications, but there are possibilities for every industry. Spend some time talking to your ideal customers and get to know the problems they need to solve. Create templates for any and all documents your customers might need in relation to your field of expertise.

Scaling outbound requests on LinkedIn

Is your LinkedIn messages clogged with irrelevant, impersonal, generic messages? Mine is.

The truth is LinkedIn is a tool with astounding potential for lead generation, but so many businesses do it wrong. When you approach in a natural and conversational manner, you can reach leads through a different channel than their email inbox.

Whereas cold emails can feel like a straightforward sales pitch, sending relevant, personal messages to your target audience on LinkedIn allows you to connect with prospects in a less crowded channel. Many LinkedIn users have mobile notifications, so you can be sure a solid chunk of your prospects will at least see your message and become aware of your business.

Opening new conversations with niche communities

Online communities on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Quora present a wide market for advertising your business solution directly to those looking for help. Meaningful engagement on these platforms doesn’t take much time or effort if you genuinely have expertise. If you’re consistently helpful and provide solutions, people will give you likes and upvotes which will raise your responses to the top of the page, exposing more people to you, your business, and the solution you’re offering.

Block out just 15 minutes once a day to answer a question on Quora or browse help topics on a forum of your choice. With solid responses, you’ll gain some traction in no time, amplifying your reach and follower count thus raising the likelihood of new leads discovering your business!


There are many ways to increase the quantity, quality, and ROI of all your leads – sometimes you just need to think outside the box. Utilize all the resources you have available to you to stay competitive when it comes to productivity and digital marketing. The world is ever-changing so your approach to marketing needs to be ever-changing as well. Stay keen, stay human, and stay hungry.


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