Buy Gift Cards in the Philippines: Your Ultimate Shopping Guide

Are you from the Philippines and searching for the perfect gift that strikes the right chord of personalization and flexibility? Look no further — gift cards have revolutionized the art of gifting, offering a world of options at the fingertips of both the giver and the receiver. In the Philippines, gift card buying is growing rapidly, providing a convenient and thoughtful way to show appreciation or celebrate special occasions.

Buy Gift Cards in the Philippines

Types of Gift Cards Available

Gift cards in the Philippines come in various categories, catering to different interests and preferences:

  1. Retailer-Specific. Well-known retail chains, including fashion, electronics, and home improvement stores, offer these. Brands like SM, Robinsons, and Ayala Malls offer gift cards that allow recipients to explore their favourite stores and choose what they truly desire.
  2. Restaurant and Dining. Gift cards for the foodies in your life, restaurant gift cards from popular establishments like Jollibee, Max’s, and Shakey’s provide a delectable treat. Whether it’s a cosy dinner or a hearty meal, these cards offer memorable dining experiences.
  3. Entertainment and Lifestyle. Gift cards gift cards for entertainment outlets, such as cinemas and gaming zones, are a hit among the youth. Moreover, spa and wellness centres offer relaxation and rejuvenation, making these gift cards a thoughtful way to show you care.
  4. Online Marketplace. Vouchers in the digital age, online marketplaces have become the go-to for shopping. Platforms like Lazada and Shopee offer gift cards that open up a world of choices, from gadgets to fashion to home essentials.

The Best Spots for Buying Gift Cards in the Philippines

  • Physical Stores and Retailers. Most malls and shopping centres in the Philippines have dedicated kiosks or counters where you can purchase gift cards. This allows you to buy them in person and even add a personalized touch by selecting a design that resonates with the occasion.
  • Online Platforms and E-commerce Websites. The convenience of online shopping also extends to gift cards. Major e-commerce websites provide options to purchase and send digital gift cards instantly via email, making last-minute gifting a breeze. One such popular online marketplace is
    Buy Gift Cards in the Philippines
  • Banks and Financial Institutions. Banks often collaborate with retailers to offer branded gift cards. These can be purchased at bank branches and offer the added security of being tied to a reputable financial institution.

Benefits of Using Gift Cards

Gift cards come with a plethora of advantages that make them a preferred choice:

  • Convenience and Flexibility: Recipients can choose what they want, ensuring their preferences are honored.
  • Customization and Personalization: Many gift cards allow personalized messages, making the gift even more special.
  • Budget-Friendly Gifting: You can select the gift card’s value, making it suitable for any budget.

How to Choose the Right Gift Card

Selecting the perfect gift card involves a bit of consideration:

  • Consider the Recipient’s Interests: Consider their hobbies, favorite stores, or dining preferences.
  • Research the Redemption Options: Ensure the gift card can be redeemed conveniently online or in physical stores.
  • Check for Expiry Dates and Terms: Be aware of the card’s validity period and any terms and conditions associated with its usage.

Tips for Purchasing and Using Gift Cards

  • Verify the Card’s Validity and Balance: Double-check the card’s value and expiration date before gifting.
  • Keep the Receipt and Card Details Secure: In case of loss or theft, having the receipt and card details can be helpful.
  • Utilize Gift Cards Wisely for Maximum Value: Encourage recipients to use the gift card during sales or promotions to get the most out of it.

Redeeming Process

  1. Online Redemption Process: Enter the gift card details during checkout online.
  2. In-Store Redemption Guidelines: Present the physical gift card at the store’s counter to redeem the value.
  3. Checking Balance and Remaining Value: Many retailers allow you to check the remaining balance on the card online or through their app.

Future Trends

The world of gift cards is constantly evolving:

Digital Gift Cards and E-gifting: E-gifting is gaining popularity, allowing instant delivery of digital vouchers via email or messaging apps.

Integration with Mobile Payment Systems:

Mobile wallets might soon integrate with e-vouchers, making redemption even more seamless.

Personalized and Targeted Gift Card Offers:

Retailers might tailor gift card offers based on individual preferences and shopping habits.

Buy Gift Cards in the Philippines

The Best Websites to Buy Vouchers in the Philippines

  1. Lazada: A popular e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of digital keys for various brands and products.
  2. Shopee: Like Lazada, Shopee provides a selection of digital cards for shopping, dining, and more.
  3. SM: The official website of SM, a leading retailer in the Philippines, where you can purchase SM gift cards for shopping at their stores.
  4. Ayala Malls: They offer gift cards that can be used across their mall chains for shopping, dining, and entertainment.
  5. Robinsons: Robinsons’ official website allows you to purchase redeemable gift cards at their retail outlets.
  6. BuySellVouchers: An online marketplace that buys and sells various gift vouchers and digital products all around the world including the Philippines. Buysellvouchers has announced that it will soon add popular payment methods in the Philippines such as: GrabPay, Maya, GCash and ShopeePay. Here you can buy all kinds of digital gift cards, from iTunes, Amazon, Google Pay to Razer Gold, Mobile Legends, Steam, PlayStation and Xbox.


Buying gift cards in the Philippines opens a realm of gifting possibilities. From retail therapy to dining delights, these cards offer a tangible token of appreciation. With convenience, customization, and thoughtful choices, gift cards are a modern way to celebrate life’s occasions and bring smiles to your loved ones’ faces. It doesn’t matter if you like to shop online or in physical stores, this article has given you the background for both. Explore the diverse array of gift cards available and embrace the joy of gifting in the digital age.


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