How Do Product Reviews Boost Your SEO

Product reviews provide valuable feedback for your business. They tell you about your customers’ experiences with your products, allowing you to optimize your operations and attract more consumers. But product reviews are more than an information source. Data shows that they can improve your SEO and boost your site traffic. Below, we take a look at how product reviews can impact your SEO performance and help you get more business.

They Raise Your Authority and Build Trust

Third-party reviews are considered more trustworthy than in-house reviews. Consumers consider them honest, unbiased, and based on real experiences with the product in question. In fact, almost half of internet users in the United States, 42 percent to be exact, say positive customer product reviews can increase their likelihood of purchasing a product. The credibility of product reviews can draw more people to your site and establish you as a credible source, influencing how consumers interact with your platform. This can then improve your Google rating and push you higher in rankings.

Product Reviews Enhance Keyword Relevance

Long-tail keywords are specific words and phrases or the natural language users use to describe a product like, its uses, cons, and more. They are less generic and more competitive than regular keywords. Moreover, they are so specific that they are almost only used by active consumers, i.e., your target market, and attract high-intent consumers.

When consumers write product reviews, they use the language that comes naturally to them, which is what constitutes long-tail keywords. These terms are industry-specific, making them very crucial for SERP in different industries.

In fashion, for instance, generic keywords like “spring collection” and “sweaters” may yield hundreds of results. However, a real-life customer is more likely to search for something like “green sweater ideas for spring.”  If your content contains this long-tail keyword Google can catapult your site to the top of its rankings when someone executes this search.

In travel and tourism, travelers are often looking for vacation spots. Many review sites use keywords like “Malibu beach resorts” and “lake vacations.” To stand out from this crowd, travel sites like TripAdvisor use very specific phrases like “where to stay in Malibu on a budget.”

Another example of this is the igaming industry. There are thousands of gaming sites available online and savvy providers need a way to rank higher. Again, long-term keywords help with this. Posting customer online casino reviews can help incorporate phrases like “slot game with 98 percent RTP” and “free Christmas slot bonus” into your site. Avid gamers know to search for these words and product reviews can place you as the best source of information for such gamers, allowing you to attract reliable leads.

Product Reviews Increase Traffic

Most consumers read a review before they visit a business. According to Search Engine Watch, 9 in every 10 consumers read a review before they visit a business, and 7 in 10 will only complete an action, such as a purchase, after reading a positive review. Product reviews and star ratings posted on your site can draw your target market even before they decide they want to do business with you. And if the ratings are good and well responded to, they can keep the visitors on your site. This makes product reviews a powerful tool for driving and keeping traffic on your site.

Product Reviews Increase Click-Through Rate

The click-through rate is the percentage of online consumers who click on your site from search engine results. Because users trust other users, product reviews can increase your click-through rate by offering credible and comprehensive feedback on your products from other consumers. This improved rate can signal to search engines that your site is useful and relevant, raising your ranking. For example you can analyse this website –

Tip: You can improve your click-through rate through rich snippets. These are snapshots of the information available on a page that appears below your site’s URL and title. You can feature top product reviews with item availability, ratings, prices, and other important details.

Product Reviews Raise Your Google Ranking

Google constantly changes its ranking methods. However, they consistently rate original content higher than generic information. Product reviews are user-generated and based on real and varied experiences. Consequently, they are often relevant, unique, and valuable. They are so valuable, in fact, that Google uses them to rank search results. MOZ’s Local Search Ranking Factors Survey reports that online reviews constitute 10 percent of the considerations Google and other search engines put into page rankings. Reviews also account for 16 percent of total Local Pack rankings.

Product Reviews Help Build Loyalty

Product reviews provide more than just credible feedback on your products. They can demonstrate to customers how you treat your consumer base. When you respond to product reviews, both positive and negative, you show consumers that you are reliable and accountable to them. Responding to negative reviews with concern and possible solutions, for instance, proves that you trust the quality of your products and are dedicated to positive consumer experiences. This feedback can help you attract a loyal following, which can increase the number of returns you get on your page, raising your ranking.

Product Reviews Increase Social Sharing

Nielsen estimates that 92 percent of consumers put more stock in product reviews from friends and family than in traditional advertising. Encouraging customers to write product reviews can also encourage them to share their experiences with the people closest to them through social media. Google recognizes social media sharing, and this activity can raise your site’s ranking immensely.

Wrapping Up: Optimize Your Product Reviews for Better SEO

Product reviews and other forms of user-generated content can improve your SEO ranking by helping you tap into long-tail keywords, increasing your click-through rate, and helping you build credibility. Consumer reviews are also original and helpful content, which Google values. So, the next natural question is how do you make the most of these reviews for your ranking? You can start by encouraging consumers to write honest reviews and monitor, moderate, and respond to them in real time. Try to offer incentives to customers and respond to all entries, even negative ones.


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