How to Transfer WhatsApp Stickers to a New Phone?


On WhatsApp, one can make, send, and receive stickers. Stickers are an excellent way to express yourself with emoticons or place a little mascot in a particular chat. On a new Android or iOS phone, the interface is a bit different, and can be tricky to get used to if you’ve used the WhatsApp desktop client on another phone. This post gives the steps to send/transfer a new or an existing sticker pack to a WhatsApp account on your new Android and iOS phone. The software used in second section called ChatMover works the same to transfer whatsapp to new phone.

Transfer WhatsApp Stickers to a New Phone

Part 1: How to backup WhatsApp stickers

How to backup WhatsApp stickers

For android

On WhatsApp, the stickers and chats are located in your phone’s internal memory (internal storage or memory chip). Before we start with this process to transfer whatsapp to a new phone, make sure you have completed backing up. The backup process may take some time. Once you’re done, head to Settings, choose Backup, tap Back Up Now. Here you can backup WhatsApp messenger, WhatsApp contacts, and WhatsApp chats (among others).

How to backup WhatsApp stickers

Tap the phone or SD card, then go to backup, and tap backup. In the backup system, you will see the sticker icon, tap on that and select your device in option. We’ve typed Infinix Smart in my phone but you can use any phone. Customer experience for this process is a total smooth. When the backup is done, tap Continue, tap I agree, tap Back Up Now, or just tap start backup once more to start the backup process, and you’re done. You can use this backup on your new phone.

For iOS

To transfer whatsapp stickers, first you need to set up a new WhatsApp account or transfer an existing account to the new device, and then you have to backup. To do so, you will need to follow these simple steps for iOS phones. This also works for how to transfer whatsapp to new phone:

How to backup WhatsApp stickers for iOS

  • Go to Settings > Backup, and find the WhatsApp Chat and Sticker backups. You will find your old account, you can select that and set the photos and stickers as backup.
  • You can now transfer WhatsApp sticker packs to a new phone. Go to Settings > WhatsApp.
  • Now go to the WhatsApp Chat and Sticker backup and tap on the Select button. This will provide you with the backup option, just select the WhatsApp Chat and Sticker backup that you’ve set in the first step.
  • Choose the Whatsapp Chat and Sticker pack that you wish to use. Make sure that the folder where you’ve stored your WhatsApp Chat and Sticker backup is not the same as WhatsApp Camera Roll on your SD card, otherwise you won’t be able to select them. You can do this step any time to backup WhatsApp chats and stickers.

Part 2: How to use ChatMover transfer WhatsApp stickers

ChatMover Key Features

ChatMover transfer app is easy to use and fast, and provides users with a number of transfer options. Following are some of the most important features of ChatMover to transfer whatsapp to new phone:

  • Easy to use, just tap and select the app that you want to transfer WhatsApp stickers to and select the transfer option
  • Transfer stickers to different devices, no limitation
  • You can transfer WhatsApp stickers within the same account, including photos and stickers on SD card.
  • Also, you can transfer stickers and chats to a new device without changing your WhatsApp number or phone number.
  • ChatMover is free and helps to transfer WhatsApp Chat and Sticker packs.

How to transfer WhatsApp stickers using ChatMover

Follow the steps below to transfer whatsapp to new phone along with stickers using ChatMover:

How to transfer WhatsApp stickers using ChatMover

  • ChatMover is a simple to use and powerful application, you just need to add your phone number to the app and you will get a big icon.
  • After you add your number, tap on the icon and select transfer WhatsApp stickers.
  • The next step is to select the destination for the sticker pack and tap on the backup and import option.
  • The backup and import process is simple. Just tap on the backup option, then select the SD card. The messages and WhatsApp stickers will be transferred from your WhatsApp account to your SD card.
  • Also, it is important to back up your WhatsApp chats before using this application.

Final words

There you go, we hope that this article about “how to transfer whatsapp to a new phone” was helpful to you. Now, all you need to do is to download ChatMover, get an iPhone or Android phone, and transfer your WhatsApp chats, stickers and photos. If you are looking to transfer WhatsApp chats and stickers to another device, you will find this WhatsApp sticker converter very handy. Magicmic has been testing its magic wand for quite a while now, and it finally launched it on the market recently. You can check it out. We hope that this helped you out.


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