Seasonal Scents: Choosing The Right Perfume For Men Based On The Weather

The change of seasons is a thing of marvel. Each transition brings a seamless change in color palettes and the environment welcomes a new saga of scents and fragrance. It is these two distinct characteristics that act as a reservoir of inspiration when it comes to crafting perfumes for men. Becoming one with nature through splendid, crips notes is an art that many fragrance connoisseurs delight in. Part of knowing how to sync your perfume with each season is identifying the natural aromas and fragrances your olfactory senses instinctively pick up on. If you too want to start matching your perfume with each season, then here’s the perfect guide for you.


When the blazing sun starts beating down on us, we promptly look for solace in all things refreshing. It’s the season to take in the salty tang of the beach, dip into the aquatic bliss of pools and lakes, and relish the nectar of exotic fruits and the refreshing guzzle of lemonades. These are the sensorial feelings a summer perfume ought to evoke.

What to look for:

Aquatic, ozonic and marine accords: Are you the kind of person who finds bliss in water bodies? Be it a lazy dip in the pool or sporty water activities, you’re sure to like summer order perfumes for men that have aquatic and marine accords. These fragrance notes mimic the scent of the ocean. Ozonic scents are also another range of notes that accompany the former notes. These mimic the environment or air that’s rich with the oceanic breeze and the elements of nature surrounding it.

Citrusy scents: Want something that’s sweet yet zesty just like a wholesome summer lemonade? Look for top notes like neroli, bergamot, mandarin and lemon. These are best accompanied by base notes like amber, musk and woody notes. These kinds of perfumes for men are great if you’re big on outdoor summer activities as citrusy is known to be energizing and uplifting.

Fruity notes: If your first reminders of summer include the juicy flavors of ripe fruits and refreshing coconuts, consider perfumes for men with summer-fresh body mists that have a hint of gourmand notes. Look for base notes like passionfruit, berries, vanilla, coconut water and grapefruit. If you like a hint of floral in the mix, look for middle notes with tuberose and rose.


The season of bloom galore! It’s when gray winters make way for vibrant blossoms and lush greenery to thrive. Along comes the barrage of fresh floral, herbal and ‘green’ scents that truly rejuvenate the senses. Love the dopamine rush that spring brings you? Go for lightweight formulations like body mists or eau de toilettes. They’re crisp, lingering yet won’t be too heavy or intense.

What to look for:

Floral: Since spring is all about fresh blooms, you can try a wide range of floral combinations. As spring also holds the mildest undertones of summer, you can look for a perfume that has a combination of floral and marine fragrance notes. If you like something a bit more sensual, look for base notes like leather accord, amber and musk.

Herbal/Green: Along with flowers, herbal plants also give off a pleasant earthy scent that balances out the sweetness of floral scents. Basil, coriander, mint and green tea may sound like usual items found in the kitchen but you’ll be surprised to know that these leafy greens make for enchanting spring notes. Lavender and vetiver are also great fragrance notes that give off the perfect balance of herbal and earthy notes.


Earthy, heady, ozonic with just a hint of sweetness – that’s the symphonious fragrance that wafts through our olfactory senses when the first shower of monsoon washes over us. They consist of petrichor, natural plant oil, floral scent and other ozonic elements.

What to look for:

  • Mitti or petrichor: The scent of damp earth is otherwise known as petrichor and you can find rich notes of this in vials of concentrated attars. If you want to add a sensual warmth, you can layer your mitti attar with another one that boasts rich resin notes like amber, myrrh or frankincense to give it a woody smokiness.
  • Oud: If you want your monsoon fragrance to be defined by a sweet woodiness, choose an eau de toilette or attar that has rich notes of oud. It is extracted from tree resin which gives that woody, ambery scent. If you want to add a hint of romance, pair it with a subtle floral/herbal perfume like rose or vetiver.


Autumn or ‘fall’ is considered the best transitional season before the teeth-chattering temperature sets in. During autumn, the weather evokes just the right amount of coziness that involves burning wood, a clean fluffy blanket, a cocoon-like couch with palms cupping a confectionery drink that’s a delectable balance of sugar, spice and everything nice. Who wouldn’t want to bottle up this feeling?

What to look for:

Spicy: Be it cologne or eau de toilette, a spicy fragrance amp up the overall olfactory autumn palette. You want to look for amber liquids that boast notes of cloves, black pepper, cedar notes and saffron. If you want to kick up the coziness factor, you can even keep your eyes peeled for leather accords and rum notes.

Fruity and tart: If you like fruity scents sans the sweetness, you might want to look for crisp, tart notes like cherry, apples and berries. These perfumes for men can also be paired with woody, resin-based perfumes for a wholesome earthy fragrance during autumn.


Winter automatically transports us to the magical land of festive spirit and cheer. It’s a time replete with cosiness, cheer and lots of delicious treats. Winter is one season where the fragrance palette bears some similarities to that of autumn. However, you

Winter means a lot of festive cheer and celebratory spirit, which means dressing up for multiple holiday parties! And one of the most integral parts of a great sartorial ensemble is – you guessed it – smelling good. And since it’s the holiday season, why not dabble in long-lasting festive notes?

What to look for:

Warm, spicy and woody: When the temperatures drop, it’s ideal to go with scents that mimic a sense of warmth. So, before layering, spritz your pulse points with notes like incense, tobacco, cinnamon, and rum with a hint of sweetness like vanilla or tonka.

Gourmand: Love all things sweet? Well, the festive season is a great excuse to smell delectable with notes like caramel, chocolate musk, sweet rum and honeyed figs to name a few.


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