Cutting the Cord: Which TV Streaming Service Is Best?

Are you thinking of cutting the cord? With the recent technological advances, there are various ways that can allow you stream the TV services and avoid the challenges that are associated with the content of cable providers. With the transition, there are several people who are not aware of the best streaming service to choose. There are several providers of such streaming services but based on availability, cost and signal strength, you have to choose one that favors you. This means that you have to look for an expert to assist you identify the best. If you are thinking of avoiding the cable package limitation, here are the best services you can consider:

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu With Live TV has included Live streaming as one of its options. You can watch live some of its competitive programs by subscribing on monthly basis. The least package is $39.99 and you can pay extra $14.99 to subscribe for additional ShowTime. It is currently supported on Android, Apple TV, iOS, Chrome Cast and Xbox One and plans are underway for it to be supported on more devices. This service can give you a chance to pause Live TV and Rewind, but you cannot skip through the ads on unless you upgrade to Enhanced DVR package. This service is currently the most popular streaming service with a lot of popular content.

YouTube TV

This is a service with is hitting the cord cutter market at an alarming rate for watching the basic network channels. YouTube currently broadcasts about 40 channels including the four main channels Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC. It comes with ESPN lineup and even includes channels that cover the major sporting events such as NBC Sports and CBS sports. With a monthly subscription of $35, you can stream live content on Android, Google Cast on web, iOS and Chromecast. Plans are underway to support more devices such as Apple TV later this year. In the base price, you get cloud storage and DVR recording and you can pause and rewind the Live TV but you will not be able to skip through the ads.

Playstation Vue

This service gives you a chance to access the popular networks on a Television with a set subscription fee. They have four distinct subscription packages ranging from $39.99 to 79.99 on monthly basis. This implies that you should be in a position to find the right package for you. The common channels in all packages include: Discovery, Food Network, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, ESPN and many more but you can pay additional costs for preferred premium channels. Besides, this service gives you a chance to record Live TV so as to watch later.

Sling TV

One of the exciting features about this service is the starting monthly subscription price of $20. You may not be required to buy any device to enjoy the services because it is accessible through an app for Apple TV, Chromecast, Android, Windows, Xbox One, MacOS and Amazon Fire TV. It has no DVR and this means that you will be having no control over the playback. Moreover, it can only stream up to three screens at a time; therefore, it may not be convenient for someone with a lot of screens running at a time.

DirectTV NOW

With this service, you are able to get 60 channels for a monthly subscription of $35 and up to 120 channels for a monthly fee of $70. Depending on where you live, at times, you will be able to get local shows such as regional sports programs. You can pay additional $5 per month and you will be able to access some of the preferred premium channels. It is available on Fire TV, iOS, Chromecast, LeEco Android TVs, Android and Apple TV for android phones.

Those are some of the best streaming services that are available and you can choose one which favors you. The choice depends on several factors such as whether the device you use can support the service or not, the cost of subscription, the place where you live and of courses the availability and ease of access to the customer care services. From the above mentioned services, you are guaranteed of choosing the best. Therefore, you can analyze each of the services and choose one that suits your needs.