Features of EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software

EaseUS data recovery software is a leading free data recovery software for your lost document and files. It does, however, come in different versions with unique features within. However, the free version has the following three top features:

  • Free to Use

When shopping for software, the price is always a huge concern. However, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free data recovery software, you’ll restore your data safely and securely, at zero cost, literary.

The free version has various data recovery capabilities, be it sd card recovery, hard drive recovery, RAW recovery, recycle bin recovery and furthermore, data recovery from external storage devices. Indeed, EaseUS free data recovery software is a very reliable software option for data recovery.

Albeit paid versions of the data recovery software comes with additional features most notably advanced technical support and greater volume of recoverable data, still most users find the free data recovery software version sufficient enough.

  • Plain and Simple to Use

EaseUS Data Recovery Tool was explicitly designed to provide users with simple data recovery experiences. From the wizard, this is evident with a few plain or straightforward steps in data recovery.

The first step involves software installation and then launching it with administrator privileges.

  • Compatible with All OS’

EaseUS Data Recovery Software works seamlessly across all platforms, i.e., Microsoft Windows, and Mac. It also supports both devices; desktops and laptop. Laptops are prone to data loss and corruption unlike their static desktop counterparts, thus, it is particularly good.

Recovering Lost Files from an SD Card with EaseUS Data Recovery

If you are troubled about losing important files in your sd card, fret not, this free version of EaseUS Data Recovery software will undoubtedly perform an sd card recovery.

  1. Software Installation

The software trial version is the free version and it can only allow recovery of not more than 500MB of data. Once you install the free data recovery software, you then proceed to data recovery business.

  1. Recovery Preparations

Before attempting to do an sd card recovery, first, scan your storage media and determine the files to be recovered. Simply select your sd card device and proceed to click on the ‘Analyze’ button below. The scan will then begin and will take some time depending on the amount of data and type of data in question.

If you’ve deleted a folder and you wish to recover it, you can select the specific folder and then select the analyze button, this saves you time.

Once the analysis is complete, the next step is to recover the lost data.

  1. Data Recovery

Sd card recovery is then possible once the deep scan is complete. On the left panel, there will be a tree where you can search the files. With little assistance from the banner at the top, you can easily identify the locations for your files. Once you’ve selected the files you wish to recover, click on the ‘Recover’ button at the bottom. EaseUS software will then ask you where you wish to save the selected files after recovery.

Once validated, the recovery process will proceed and you’ll go to the set location to retrieve your valuable data.