How Micro-Events Supercharge Your Event Strategy?

“Event” the word itself comes with a lot of excitement and along with that hassle comes as an unwanted guest. No matter how much someone loves arranging events, it gets troublesome at one point. In addition, if the events are arranged at a Macro level the hassle’s side becomes heavier than the excitement part. Starting from event ticketing system to finishing it accordingly seems like a long burdensome journey for the event strategists. So as a solution Micro Events are introduced in this event society. No matter if it’s an online event or an in-person gathering or a hybrid one Micro events can help at all options.

A Glimpse of Micro Events:

Micro-Events Supercharge

What is it?

Just after reading the title, the first question comes in anyone’s mind would be “what is Micro Events?” Well Micro Events are small gatherings that includes a limited number of people. It is also known as more intimate, connecting and engaging event than the larger ones. A micro event can be organized as a part of the larger events for example, as introductory part of a large event. It can also be arranged as a single event of itself. If someone wants to arrange an event that the attendees will remember forever or at least for a longer period of time than introducing the Micro events can be a great solution.

Types of Micro Events with example

Well Micro events can be both Virtual and Physical. This means Micro events are with you in both online and offline platform.

In Virtual aspect micro events can make an engaging group of audiences by choosing the most used platforms that people find easier to access. During the Pandemic in 2020 these online Micro events got more popularity. Some examples of online Micro Events can be,

  • Interactive Sessions
  • Live Video Broadcasts
  • Motivational webinars
  • Online trivia nights
  • Social Media Lives

In case of physical Micro Events, it creates a live experience and leaves more impactful effect. Attendees get to interact with each other face to face and share their views. Also strong bonds and connections are created in live Micro events. Some examples of live Micro Events are,

  • Art gallery openings
  • Fitness challenges
  • Coffee Talks
  • Discussion Panels
  • Debates

Perks of Micro Events

There are various reasons why Micro events came into highlight suddenly. It has some attracting facilities that makes it different than the traditional larger events. Three most important perks that make Micro events special are,

1. Costs little-to-no money 

As the gathering is smaller arranging facilities for them is quite easier and more relaxing to the budget. If the organizer is a small business or non-profit organization then Micro events work like a blessing for them. Sometimes Businesses can Micro events for free if it’s held online. Mostly social media lives cost zero money which is a good deal for any organization. With the feature to sell tickets online, one can arrange the facility of booking tickets for the audience and also earn more money..

2.  Helps to Target audience

It is one major facility of micro events that it allows attendees to participate in a small gathering, focus on each and find out the target market who will have a long-lasting impact on the overall business. It’s very important for any organization to find out their target audience to maximize the benefit and micro events gives this huge power to the business entities.

3.  Connects people

Any event is a great place to connect with people and know about the certain market and its environment. In large events people attends in an intention to connect to people but little do they find a scope as the crowd is usually very big. Here in micro events small group gives the opportunity to look at each other, know them better and connect with the right people.

Why Micro Events should be included in the Event Strategy

1. Quality over Quantity

One of the major reasons to include micro event is it chooses quality over quantity. Includes small number of individuals but create an impressive impact to make them the quality crowd for the business.

2. Show care for the attendees

Micro events can show care for attendees by focusing on their individual needs as the crowd is small. It not only impresses them but also boost up their confidence to participate in discussions and giving feedbacks.

3. Smoother to manage a limited headcount

As already mentioned, event managing is very hassling and operating it smoothly is really a task. So, to make the operation smoother event strategy should include them as in micro events the headcounts are limited and it will be smooth and easy for the event managers to serve the attendees and create a successful event.

4. Opportunity to save some budget

Its already known that micro events are incorporated in smaller budget so even strategy should definitely include them to save some budget and use it in the other marketing tools.

5. Gives the atmosphere to create a long-lasting connection

No platform can give a better chance to build up a connection than a small group. In micro events the organizers can focus on the attendee group and engage in a way that suits them the most and it leads them to create a long-lasting connection. This is another major reason why micro events should be practiced in the event strategy.

How Micro Events can be incorporated

Micro events can be incorporated through both online sectors and also in a physical arrangement. As the numbers should be limited in these events so introducing some techniques can make the arrangements easier,

  • Setting a simple arrangement not anything fancy that distracts the attention
  • If the crowd becomes bigger than expected then breaking it into more than one groups
  • If the deadline is short going for online social Medias and using them as the event platform.

Macro Events Vs Micro Events

Why choosing Micro events over the macro one can be question people ask more often. Here is the answer,

  1. Macro events cost a lot more than the Micro events
  2. Quite a hassle for the even strategists to arrange the micro events
  3. Micro events can be done in a short notice but it takes a lot of preparation time to arrange a Macro event
  4. Connecting people with each other and with the organization is easier in Micro events than the Macro ones.

To sum it up there is more facilities and less trouble in Micro Events and that’s what the event strategists always finds in their options. So why not introducing micro events in event strategy to bring a change in burdensome scenario of the event management.

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