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How To Access Deleted Posts And Comments On Reddit?

How To Access Deleted Posts And Comments On Reddit?

Are you a reddit user who always ends up at Reddit posts for finding solutions to the common problems? The worst part about Reddit is that whenever someone click a links on it, many times it shows an error saying that the post have moved or removed. Before we dive into the topic, let us know what is Reddit.

Reddit is a bay of treasures of loads and years of information, latest leaks, tips and tricks. Sometimes, there is a post or comment which has a lot of information which you are willing to get but the Reddit has removed it due to certain reasons. It makes us curious and disappointed after not finding what we were searching for.

Don’t worry because in this article, we will find out how to access those Posts and Comments that are deleted previously on Reddit.

Disclaimer: “Reddit team may remove these features to restrict audience’s access to them so stay tuned for that”

Methods to access deleted Posts and Comments

To make it happen, our team went down the line and found some really cool ways to access the data. Testing is the key. If one method doesn’t work, try another.

1. Using the Ceddit feature to read the Comments on Reddit

 This will help a user access all the comments of any posts only and only if the post is till live and working. Ceddit is a simple client of Reddit that allows using the Reddit on its interface using its custom design and User Interface.Ceddit feature to read the Comments on Reddit

The best feature about the Ceddit is that whenever it comes across a deleted comment, it simply highlights it with a red link and allows the user to identify the difference between a normal and a deleted comment. Just follow the steps below.

  • To make it work, just edit the URL.
  • Remove the “R” of Reddit and switch it with a “C” of Ceddit.

If the URL was

It should now be

It will be helpful in attaining most of the comments.

2. Using Removeddit to access Deleted Posts on Reddit

Moving on to the next one which is Removeddit. It allows you to see the deleted posts. To get stated with this one, follow the steps below as there are two ways.Using Removeddit to access Deleted Posts on Reddit

  • First one is by visiting the Removeddit webpage and searching for the post which is to be found.
  • Another method is interchanging the Reddit with Removeddit on the main URL on the address.

If the URL was

 It should now be

Still not sure, move to the next method.

3. Using WaybackMachine to access both the Deleted Posts and Comments on Reddit

Another great alternative to find the Deleted Posts and Comments is by using the WaybackMachine. It is an internet archiving service that caches and stores the web pages in real time in to the database. It is very useful for future generations to look back what internet was looked like in history.Using WaybackMachine to access both the Deleted Posts and Comments on Reddit

This is a very amazing tool that allows the user to get access to all the deleted Posts and Comments. Follow the method provided below

  • Get to the WaybackMachine website by clicking here.
  • Copy the Reddit Post link and paste it in the Wayback site.
  • A Calendar will appear with an option of deleted (# of) Days ago.
  • Fill in the correct information to access the information.

Another feature of this is that it allows you to see all the changes that were made before deleting the post. 

4.Using Resavr to Read Deleted Comments on Reddit

Resavr is another amazing tool to gain access to all the deleted Comments on the Reddit platform. It mainly focuses on the comments which are more than 650 characters including spaces.Using Resavr to Read Deleted Comments on Reddit

As said by a spokesperson, the website stores them because any basic and useful information is more than 650 characters long.

Let us understand how to use this website by following the keywords from down below

  • Visit the Resavr website by clicking here.
  • In the search box, put the title of the deleted post and find the post.
  • Additionally, you will be able to see the Date of release of the post, the time period when it was live.

This can be very handy while using WaybackMachine.

So, this was our hack to gain access to Deleted Posts and Comments on Reddit.

Still cannot get to your Reddit Post? Comment down below.

Kunal Kumar
A 19 year old geek who works on things that lives on the web.

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