Top 10 Work From Home Jobs

At major cities, daily commuting to the office has become an incessant activity and never-ending traffic wipes out the physical energy of the employees. It was a dream for everyone to do their job at relaxed state and at flexible hours.

Working from home opportunities has become a non-stop solution for all these commuting issues and these opportunities were outpouring through internet technologies. The telecommuting or working from home options for employees also saves the maintenance cost for the employers.

As most of them have a computer or laptop at their home, many service providers started their business utterly through online. Unlike in Olden days people were offered to do a profitable work from home jobs based on their education and skills. But nowadays, learning how to make money online couldn’t get any easier and you’ll find that 2020 provides plenty of money-making opportunities to suit everyone’s skills and career interests.

If you really want to have work-life balance, you can grab the opportunities provided by the online jobs or you can also go ahead  with any good work home jobs which will provide you a reasonable income to sustain with the needs of your life.

Before you choose an online job opportunity, you need to know whether it is a scam as there are huge number of scams available worldwide and it becomes a real-time challenge to make out the difference between the real opportunities and the scams. It is always recommended to do a complete research about the company profile or the service providers before you get into the scam.

In this article, you will be able to find some good work home jobs which will allow you to stay profitable and flexible to maintain the work-life balance.

#1 Web Developer/ Designer

As the digital world offers many online business opportunities, service providers and entrepreneurs always try to establish their online business through their own websites.

Many of them outsource their web designing and development jobs to build and maintain their relationship with their customers.

You can always find one or other online job opportunities for web development and designing, which allow you to work from home at flexible hours and provide you a very good source of income.

Basic requirements for this job

  • You need to have work experience or basic working tool knowledge on web designing and web development.
  • Software programming skills and experience will be always an added advantage.
  • Try to make a portfolio of your successful completed projects.
  • Have a laptop and fast access with high-speed internet.


  • Web designers can always extend opportunities to design blogs, advertisements, etc.
  • Web developers can extend to web testing, mobile app development after having basic tool knowledge on the required field
  • You can easily switch over the opportunities and can have a growing income.

#2 Data Entry Operator

As you all know data is the power and strong base of any business. Handling the proper database is the requirement for any business sector.

Sometimes there may be a requirement to manually enter the data into their database which requires manpower resource. Such type of job is called Data Entry.

Almost all organizations have their database to maintain the files of their employees and customers so you can always find this work from home job opportunity available online

Basic requirements for this job:

  • Basic language knowledge is required and no need for high educational qualification
  • Good and fast typing skills.
  • Basic computer knowledge.


  • Easy for anyone to work from home
  • One or the other job will be always available
  • You can work at flexible hours and no need for any tool knowledge.

#3 Online tutor

In olden days many people conduct tuition for children at home and earn money but nowadays almost everyone posts their video regarding their subject knowledge in any online tutor platform and earns money.

Online tutor platforms are available to post your video regarding anything which benefits people to learn on that topic.

You can easily do this work from home as you can record your video at any of your convenient time and post the same on the online platforms.

Basic Requirements  for this job:

  • Certified trainer or tutor
  • Good experience and knowledge about the relevant topic.
  • A creative way of coaching skills.
  • Basic knowledge about using online platforms, presentations, etc.


  • Platforms like Udemy to post your relevant subject video.
  • Updated videos will allow you to earn more subscriptions and thus a good income
  • Apart from students, your videos will be able to focus on working professionals those who want to learn more on software programming languages and tools.
  • More subscriptions with a wide variety of learners will make this job opportunity always available as work from home job.

#4 Medical Transcriptionist

Nowadays many healthcare providers are maintaining the files related to their patients to provide the proper treatment in the future.

The audio files dictated by the doctors should be converted to a text file and usually, these type of jobs are outsourced and known as a medical transcriptionist job.

Basic Requirements for this Job: 

  • Need to have previous experience as a medical transcriptionist or certified medical transcriptionist.
  • Any training acquired related to this job.
  • Familiar with medical terms
  • Good listening and writing skills as the task involve converting the audio files to text files.
  • Good typing skills and basic computer knowledge.


  • More opportunities are available online.
  • You can earn more as a medical transcriptionist by working from home.

#5 Blogger/ Freelance Writer

If you have good writing skills, you can convert this skill into a good source of income. Blogs are a very important part of any organization or online business.

They always require good bloggers or freelance writers to promote their business or service through their websites and an easy way to reach their potential customers.

Writing blogs at home with a relaxed mind will be more creative and you can work at flexible hours.

Basic Requirements for this job:

  • Need to have good writing skills and good command over the language.
  • Any relevant educational qualification will be an added advantage.


  • The opportunities are wide open with different categories
  • Anyone with good writing skills can learn to blog easily.
  • The companies always charge per word in your article and thus can earn a 6 digit income.
  • High technical knowledge is not required.
  • Basic SEO knowledge and designing skills will support to improve your blog.

#6 Virtual Assistant

Many online businesses need assistants to handle their administrative work and many other related services. They always hire a virtual assistant, who can from home or can work at a remote location to support their office work.

The actual work responsibility of a virtual assistant varies from normal administrative work to high technical service and support. So there is always a requirement for this work from home job to earn more income

Basic requirements 

  • Basic administrative skills.
  • Basic relevant qualifications for the required type of job.
  • Good communication and writing skills to always maintain a relationship with company clients.


  • As the task ranges from different activities, you can earn a very good income.
  • There is always an opening for this type of job and you can easily work from with basic writing skills.

#7 Child Care Provider

Many working women always worried about their children to continue their career. You can start this work from home job to provide care and support to the children whose parents are daily commuting to the office.

You can also teach them and make them involved in some good activities so that you can earn a very good income per child.

Basic Requirement

  • To start this job at home does not require any license, however with some brand name you need a license
  • Basic teaching and nursing skills to handle kids.


  • The main dual benefit is if you have a kid you can do this work from home job easily by spending the same time to take care of other kids.
  • You can also teach them and earn money for both teaching and taking care of kids at your home.

#8 Translator

If you are highly skilled with two different, then there is a good opportunity for you to earn as a translator.

Many online businesses need good translators for their job with their clients following different official language.

This job is always a work from home job as you need only to translate the text or audio files from one language to another.

Basic Requirements for this job:

  • Good command over two different languages
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Any bachelor degree in the languages is required.


  • Your language skills are converted to a good source of income.
  • You can earn a very good 6 digit income by handling more projects.
  • Wide open opportunities for this work from home job. 

#9 Direct Selling

Direct Selling is a network marketing business that you can accomplish by working from home.

There are many network marketing companies like Amway, Herbalife where you can buy their products and earn a commission when you recruit downlines to make a sale.

Basic Requirements for this job:

  • Basic marketing skills to promote the product or service.
  • No need for high educational qualification.
  • Basic computer skills to contact people online.


  • Easy for anyone to do this work from home job
  • Initially build the team with downlines, later on, you get benefited with more commission.
  • Easy to join the business without any initial investment.

#10 Social Media Specialist

Digital marketing is booming with advanced technologies and social media tools. Many organizations are in digital marketing by effectively making use of social media.

Social Media managers can do this work from home at flexible hours to promote their business online. You can expect more opportunities in upcoming days as most of them are into this digital marketing business.

Basic requirements for this job: 

  • Good Marketing skills to promote the business
  • Good knowledge and experience on social media tools.


  • You can earn a 6 digit income easily by working from home.
  • As it is a new technology, you can expect more opportunities are flowing your way.
  • Easy to learn social media tools.

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My Top 10 work from home jobs

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Yes! here is the list of top 10 work from home jobs. You can choose any job from the list to earn a very good income depending upon your education and skills. Wisely choose from the list to have the work-life balance and to have a constant income to fulfill your needs.

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