What Will 2020 Bring to Our Favorite Nintendo Characters?

What will 2020 bring to video game fans? First of all, this is the beginning of a new decade, and gamers all around the globe are waiting for some new updates to their favorite classics. Fortunately, developers are happy to oblige. This year has just begun, but we already got some exciting news. No matter if you are into online slots, such as timeless Book of Ra gratis, or arcade, or strategy — 2020 will for sure offer something to your liking.

Nintendo, in particular, has been a busy bee — pretty much like always. This leading Japanese developer knows how to treat their clients with delicious updates to some of favorite games. Here are just some anticipated releases for this year — hopefully, loyal fans will see all the predicted Nintendo games from this list.

Super Mario Odyssey

Mario is not a new character, of course. Besides, some gamers are not that anxious about another spinoff on the good old classics. Nintendo, however, aims at updating this timeless character at least once a year. So, we will mostly see another update to Super Mario Odyssey playing the game in 2020. Will Odyssey 2 be a crucial update? Not likely, but one thing is for sure — it should feature more advanced graphics. Plus, we have to remember that Mario’s previous (2017) version has won the title of the best family game ever. So, a new release should be able to offer even more than that.

super mario odyssey


One more video game that is updated annually. 2016 Pokémon Sun and Moon was so popular worldwide that an Ultra Sun and Moon update in 2017 was inevitable. Then again, we saw Pokémon Let’s Go in 2018; and Pokémon Sword and Shield in 2019. While there are no official press releases from Nintendo yet, we are pretty confident that developers will launch a new version later this year. Given this game’s dynamics, a new version will likely be something truly new, not just an improvement on the previous release (that is, not an ‘ultra’ version, but a full-scale new gameplay).

Will Pokemon gameplay design change a lot? We hope — not too drastically. After all, millions of players worldwide are in love with the latest versions. Even though Pokemons has seen quite a lot of updates since their first generation release in the 1990s, everyone is hoping for the eight-generation motives.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It’s not clear yet whether The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will become “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2.” While such a development would not be so bad, plenty of fans are waiting for a fresher version rather than a minor update to the original. Supposedly, Nintendo started working on the update ever since the game’s launch in 2017. However, there is little factual evidence to prove this idea. Unlike Mario and Pokemon, Zelda has not seen a single update in the last two years. And, even though fans are raving about this game, the gossip about 2020 new gameplay might be just it — pure gossip. Or, we’d rather say — fans’ hopes and positive thinking. But fingers crossed, right?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Bayonetta 3

Will we see a Bayonetta 3 this year? Most gamers and reviewers believe so. On the other hand, the third-version release has been announced way back in 2017, but we haven’t seen it yet. More delays would not only be unreasonable — they will definitely infuriate thousands of fans. Sure, we can forgive our favorite game creators a lot of things. But, if the product is cooking for so long, it must truly be extraordinary. Can Nintendo live up to such high expectations? Will Bayonetta hit the list of the most awesome games ever? We’ll see, we’ll see — and, hopefully, we’ll see it this year.


Not that too many gamers are waiting for a new Pikmin update, but some definitely are. Sure, this is not Nintendo’s biggest hit, but the game does have its fair share of followers. So, people were reasonably alarmed when Pikmin website went down. Does it mean we’ll not see any updates at all? Most likely no — the gossip has it that Nintendo is porting Pikmin from Wii U to Switch. But, it’s still not clear if we could play this new version on Xbox or PlayStation. Whatever it is, we’ll give it a try.


While not the most popular hit in the West, Splatoon has enormous success in Japan. So, even commercially speaking, it’s not likely that Nintendo will give up on its golden goose. Sure, some rumors about dropping this project for good started when Splatoon updates stopped. But, we believe that the developers are preparing a sequel.


More Mario Rumors

While we will most likely see an update to Mario Odyssey, more rumors about our favorite Mario games are circulating online. Some of the most anticipated updates have to do with Mario Sports franchise. We already have Mario Tennis, so now it may be the right time for Mario Football… or Golf — whatever, just give us something.

Another prediction is Paper Mario release. Most likely, Nintendo will use the good old-fashioned 2D version as an inspiration. But, we’ll have to see about that — some believe that Mario will have to partner up with Luigi. This will be quite a touching flashback.

Finally, some speak about a new release of Mario Party. Never heard of it? Well, that’s because the game is big in Japan, but not so much in the West. So, even if Nintendo releases a new version of the Party, it may stay in the East, where it is simply more popular.

That is a general prediction for 2020, but in practice, we may see even more exciting releases before this year is over. Which of these games would you play first? Which you would never play? More importantly, which games — according to your opinion —belong in the last century, without any further updates?