Camila Cabello is in love with Matthew Hussey!?

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Hard to believe, isn’t it! For all the Camren shippers. But it’s okay. Camila has finally found someone who is making her happy. As she quotes in a recent video “I cant say your name without smiling” and also said “now it’s a lot of loving”in her life. Looks like she found her someone special.Cabello-Matthew-Hussey-Mexico
The PDA pictures at the beach of Mexico confirms it. As she is seen to be enjoying her time with the relationship coach Matthew Hussey.
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Who else could be better than a dating coach himself? Good choice Camila!You got a good catch.
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So about Matthew, I want to say.He has helped thousands of women in their relationships, he talks of love, compassion and standards.Such an inspiration. Reminds me of a saying that says “Yeah you cute, but can you inspire me?” Matthew totally can.
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They both are likely to make each other a better version of themselves.Wish you guys all the very best.