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Want the world to know about your startup/story?

Struggling with your startup? Want people to know more about your startup or story behind your successful venture? You have landed on the right place. Let’s not stretch on the topic what we are and what we do, let’s keep it simple. As the name itself tells you its a tech blog which covers all kind of things related to technology/blogging/reviews/how-to/apps/SEO/Cryptocurrency/Startups. Well, recently we started to receive emails on covering the startup’s so we decided to make a dedicated page for those people. Let’s keep rolling…

Before submission please note that we will consider publishing your startup only in cases when your company/service/application:

  • has own domain (no and etc);
  • content and interface are in English;
  • is not older than 5 years;
  • has some element of innovation, tech-related (i.e. not an e-commerce, blog, etc).

Be informed that we reserve the right:

  • not to publish your startup even in the case when all the rules above are met;
  • change URL, pitch, description, and image you provided;
  • contact you in case we need to confirm some details.

If you proceed with the submission we consider you agreed with all the rules above.

Example of what type of stories we cover:-

  • Startup/Growing a business
  • Mental Health
  • Battle with Addiction
  • Relationship with Social Media
  • Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Athletic Mindset
  • Fitness

You know better about your startup/story so how about you provide us a piece of content on your company/service/application explaining things about what are you and what do you do.

Things you should know before submitting your story/startup.

  1. The content provided by you should be at least 800+ words.
  2. The links hyperlinked in the article will be nofollow
  3. You can send us your author bio and an email which is registered on Gravatar. You can add a link to your company/service/application in the author bio.

How you can contact us?

It’s simple you just have to mail us at Please add this subject line – Startup/story submission before emailing us.