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discord invisible name

Discord is a very popular social networking app, it is more popular among gamers worldwide who play every day and do live streams on their YouTube or Twitch channels, it is an instant messaging and voice/video calling platform. Users here communicate with each other creating their private server which gives them a good experience of gaming and streaming. In recent years discord has been growing fast. Many users are coming day by day creating their account on discord, it has become a very popular and interesting platform for communication and doing video calls, chatting with your community.

While playing games you often feel the insecurity of getting your username from any random stranger you are playing with. If you are a full-time Youtuber and you don’t want anybody except your friends to know your username then this article is for you. In this article we are going to tell you about how you can hide your name from other people in discord in simple words “invisible discord name”. discord has many tricks and tips, one of them being an invisible discord name in 2021. If you are thinking of getting an invisible name in discord then read the full article and be ready to get incognito!

What does it mean to have an invisible name in discord?

You have seen many profiles while communicating in discord server but except for some people you can’t see their names and username and user profile; this is because they can not see their name from other people even their user profiles. Anyone using discord can hide their profiles or username just read the article given below and you will be able to invisible your name while having to chat within your server or community and you can also hide your user profile from others this not only hide your identity but also increases the chance of getting hacked by a random person.

What is an invisible character or symbol or name?

Invisible name character or symbol means hiding your identity from other members in your community or outside the server in a simple way t say going in an incognito mode where you have you don’t have your privacy at risk nobody will identify who you are or anything related not even your server friends unless you tell them that it is you that is hiding their name. so, it is really interesting to go invisible and just not get anyone to understand who you are, what your name is, etc. These settings not only hide your name in the account but also in the chats or wherever you communicate on discord this will help you to communicate without the tension that your name is goanna see in public and you can chat freely.

Benefits of making your username or profile invisible

Making your profile or user name invisible helps you to prevent attacks by hackers and will keep your profile safer in consideration of others and this also lowers the risk. Invisible names and profiles will make you an anonymous guy and will make you stand out of the crowd. This also solves your privacy concerns and other issues related to your discord account. So considering this, making your name and profile invisible is the right choice to make to know how to just read the solution listed below and make yourself invisible and doing chats and calling freely without anyone knowing.

Is it worth or a risk to make your name invisible in discord?

Well, as per my concern making your name invisible is not against the rule of discord you can have your unique name in any format you want to write whether it be a symbol, special character or a unique code discord doesn’t have any rule of not having your user name in a different pattern so you are not at risk of getting your account banned on discord so feel free to try these techniques of making an invisible name on discord but there is a bit problem if you are connecting a community and their guidelines are different then you might violate their guidelines and getting yourself banned so before joining any community on discord please make sure that you read all the rules and guidelines on that community server. Apart from this you can get in touch with the discord community and notify them about your change in the user name this will minimize your risk of getting your account banned.

Therefore these are some tips before making your username invisible pleaser make sure to read the above paragraph and all the rules and regulations mentioned above after reading If you are ready to make your user name or profile invisible then below are some solution that will help you to make your name invisible quickly and also hide your profile from other peoples or community you have subscribed to these solutions will help you to hide your identity.

How to get an invisible name on discord?

We all know it is important for a gamer or anyone who is using discord Is very useful to hide your name from other random people in your server or your community to not get hacked or not getting in other problem like being bullying over the internet by your username or user profile to avoid this kind of situation while being on discord being invisible will solve your problem so you are wondering will I have to make a new account for getting an invisible name on discord well no you don’t have to make a new account for this trick we will tell you the step by step process of getting an invisible name so these are some steps to invisible your user name as well as your user profile on your existing account. so read the process carefully and it will invisible your name and get a low risk of being hacked or other issues.

Solution 1:

Set your name in a simplistic way in simple words you have to use symbols instead of your name or anything because the discord cannot read symbols so it makes discord difficult to understand and it shows blank spaces where you use the symbol, it is a very easy process to understand and to implement it so first open your discord app or site wherever you have logged in.

Solution 2:

Then go to your “user settings” then go to the My Account section there you will see your username and profile and a button name edit then click on the edit button and in the username name section where there is an empty box write their your symbolistic name you can just search online how to get a symbolistic name or you can make your own if you know how to do it after writing the name just save it and boom your name will be invisible and you can see the result after saving the name and going to your user name then the name will be invisible.

Therefore, this is a step that can make your name invisible. There are more steps given that you can refer to to get your invisible name, and also steps are given to make your user profile or avatar invisible.

Above mention, two solutions can easily be done and will not take much time to implement on your device. These two solutions are effective in making your username invisible and also the profile. The advantage of having an invisible name will make your identity unique and different from others and the other user might consider you a hacker because they do not know that you are hiding your name.

Hence, these are all concerns and solutions that you should consider while making your profile and user name invisible. I hope you like this article about how you can invisible your name and your user profile in discord.


Discord is a very great platform to communicate with each other in your gaming community or other it helps out to reach your friends quickly and chat with them or meeting them virtually by the medium of video calling present in discord itself, discord is very safe in privacy as it allows you to create your server to communicate with your friends and no longer concerns about privacy or security. Therefore these are some solution you can try if you are concerned about your privacy try these steps on your device and if stuck anywhere, read this article fully and properly without missing any point then definitely you will have an invisible name on discord and tell your friends about this techniques so they also can hide their user name and profiles if they wish to.

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