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What is Infected with URL Blacklist Avast – Malicious URL Blocked

Sometimes it happens that you see blocked URLs while you are browsing or you get an URL blacklist error. These blocked URLs are because of the Avast anti-virus installed in your system. The reason behind such a blockage is that Avast is a great platform for securing suspicious activities on the computer. Being a great web protection platform, it sometimes restricts websites and their links and thus, it becomes difficult for various URLs to access your computer. But, do not worry at all, we have listed down below all the possible ways by which you can get rid of the error and enjoy using the net without any issues.

Avast is one of the best anti-virus software that comes with their outstanding services. It is suitable for all types of operating systems like iOS and Androids and comes with a lot of characteristics that are mind-blowing. It protects your online data and offers you a lot of facilities.

What is infected with URL: blacklist?

The Web Shield is an Avast component that protects you from online security threats. These threats might include Phishing Attacks, DDoS attacks, Email spam, Spywares, Malwares, and viruses in Downloadable files. By scanning every website and file, Avast determines its security level and allows/ Blocks it.
If you are seeing the URL: Blacklist Popup appearing on your screen while you visit a specific website is because the Avast Web Shield has blocked that URL from opening up on your Computer.

Why did Avast clogged up an URL on my Computer?

Antivirus Softwares are designed to protect you from all sorts of threats. It is committed to protecting you from any attack that might harm your computer or steal sensitive information from your PC. Avast is solitary such Antivirus program that presents you an resourceful and rapid web spam uncovering system. Web shield is an Avast constituent that is accountable for overcrowding websites on your system. Below are a number of of the grounds for which the Web Shield Program might lump a website.

  • Phishing Scheme.
  • Trojan Horses.
  • Fake Lottery/ Credit Card Scam.
  • Email Scams.
  • Downloading unwanted programs.
  • Fake browser extensions.
  • Web trackers.

How to clear a Blacklisted Domain in Avast? (URL Blacklist)


Rather than rendering inoperative the web shield entirely, and kiss-and-tell your system to an assortment of online attacks, you can basically unblock an on its own website and do away with it from the Blacklist. The domains you append to the “Exceptions” list on Avast will be certified to appointment without any word of warning or blacklisting.

To clear a Blacklisted domain on Avast,

Open the Avast Interface and set off to Menu >> Preferences. Here, sink in on the Core Shield tab, under “Web Shield” click on the “Add Exceptions” button to add the detailed URL/ Domain that you want to unblock.

For superior acceptance, we are writing thorough Step-by-step conduct to clean off a blacklisted URL in Avast

Step 1

Unlock the Avast Security border on your organization and clack the menu option located at the top-right corner. Scroll from end to end the options and decide on “Preferences” from the menu.


Step 2

Click on the “Core Shields” tab, spool down until you come across the “Web Shield” option. Under Web Shield, click on the “Add Exceptions” button.

infected with url:blacklist

Step 3

Enter the URL you want to do away with from the blacklist in the Server URL box. Select both the checkboxes under “Web Server Services” and click the Add button.

Add an exception

Step 4

Exit the program and open any Web browser such as Google Chrome. Visit the website that you have just unblocked and check if the website is available to visit.

Conclusion on url:blacklist

Thus, you see these are some of the ways by which you can get rid of the error without facing any issues. It is fairly simple to do and get rid of the blocked URLs. Often Avast being the best anti-virus software blocks certain URLs on the net thus, do not let you visit various sites effectively. But following the above-mentioned steps, you can get rid of the error easily without much problem being faced by you. Further, it is advised to follow each step with care and caution so that you do not have to face the situation at a later stage.