Virtual Slot Machines – What Are the Most Played Games

A Worldwide Success

Slot machines is the category of games that are most played online, one of the reasons being that it can be very thrilling even for the players with no experience in gambling.

The fact that slot machines are uncomplicated as a mechanism of playing is just one of their most appreciated features. There are many subscribers who enjoy the cost-efficiency that these games offer. As well as there are many subscribers that find very important the fact that slot machines have a large variety of styles and titles.

No matter what is the category of your gambling experience, slots can offer an excellent session. The games are thrilling, they create a great atmosphere because they present very attractive themes, colors, music and sometimes they include other mini games.

The bonuses for this category of casino games are impressive and really beneficial. The new subscribers can enjoy a welcoming bonus and many platforms include this reward on their promotions list. It’s usually a very attractive bonus, because it is the first interaction of a possible new client with that provider. Other very important bonuses types are the free spins no deposit, reward multipliers, or simply a no deposit bonus.

The users are frequently claiming the rewards, as they can boost their probabilities to win. And they also get to enjoy more sensational gambling sessions.

Playing slot machines online is also more profitable than playing them in a classic casino. Starting from the costs per game, to the rewards that are granted by online casinos, as well as the probabilities of winning, the subscribers get to enjoy the game even more, as they are unperturbed when playing from the location they are choosing.

A category of games that is always introducing new options and that even includes exclusive titles. The themes cover a great variety of interests, starting with the very famous fruit theme, to popular movies or music icons, different space and sci-fi themes, ancient cultures or pop themes and many more. The fans of this games category will always find something exciting.


The Elegance of Lucky Gems – Starburst

A source of inspiration for so many other games, Starburst is known as being one of the most played slot machines. Ever since it was launched, the game became very appreciated by players around the world. Through the years, Starburst managed to keep its level of popularity and continues to attract many new players.

The theme of the game is both the glamor of the precious stones and the spellbinding features of the universe. The visuals are impressively captivating, the colors are magnetic and altogether with the irresistible sounds, Starburst creates a wonderful ambience. Distinctive by presenting elements that set up a crisp world, the game is simply luring.

The RTP for Starburst is another feature that keeps the game among the most loved slot machines ever, and is noted for being around 96.5%. Other important elements are the bonuses included in the game, for example no deposit, free spins, etc.

This slot is known for having what it takes to introduce the player to a fascinating mood, just by presenting fun artwork, vibrant tempo and original audibles.


Ancient Asia – Celestial King

The main character in this slot machine is a mythical king from ancient Asia. The complete vibe of the game is one of uplifting details, creating a distinctive enchantment atmosphere by minimizing the ratio of reels and presenting more elements of design. This new direction, displaying more factors of illustration, turned out to be a real success. And many users voted Celestial King as one of the most enjoyable slots.

All the details of this game are very loved, the music, the colors, the buildings design. They are brought together harmoniously, creating a wonderful mystique universe.

The structure of the game is one of 5-reels and 30 pay-lines. You can win by receiving at least 3 identical characters per reel. The symbols in the game are split in two main groups, high value and low value. The players also get to enjoy some special symbols. Your higher value characters are the priestess, the lotus, the coin, the pig, all of great importance in the Asian symbolism as well.  The game also includes the suits in playing cards, the elements of lower value.

The online gamblers love this game just as much for its RTP, not just for its uniqueness. It is generally noted as being a bit over 96%.

Ancient Egypt – Pyramid: Quest for Immortality

The theme used in this game is very popular among the slot machines enthusiasts. Ancient Egypt and its magnificent culture are highly appreciated. Of course, the selection of symbols in the game are the most powerful ones: the ankh – symbolizing key of life, the eagle, the scarab, the royal couple, queen and pharaoh, Cleopatra – Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, the God Anubis – known in ancient Egypt as being the God of the dead and the God of afterlife. The game also includes a wild symbol, the golden ankh. This has the power to take the place of any element, offering more chances to win.

Pyramid: Quest for Immortality is also very liked for the original music, creating a memorable experience. The visuals are also impressive, as they manage to increase the sensation of a great adventure.

Pyramid: Quest for Immortality became available to players in 2015 and shortly turned into one of the most important titles. The users that love it are also driven by the high variance of the game, as it is highly thrilling. The RTP is a really good one, above 94% and is mostly played by the gamblers that have some experience in slots.

Online gambling is a great activity, whether you are interested in just playing for fun, or the possibilities of winning. Choose a trustworthy online casino and enjoy the gambling sessions!


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