504 Gateway Timeout Error in WordPress – The Easy Fixation

504 Gateway Timeout Error is exceptionally a common error that usually produced when the certain HTTP Codes fail to complete the request sent by the server. WordPress site is widely used and accepted platform where users bring the content to the masses.

Like all the errors this 504 Bad Gateway Timeout Error commonly occurs while accessing the WordPress sites and restrict users to access the website. What could be more frustrating than using the WordPress Site and getting to see a screen flashing an error?

504 Gateway Timeout Error

Because of this error, there are many bloggers and e-commerce markets are suffering each day because due to this error they fail to collect the revenue and consumers fail to make any purchases and this issue leads to loss of temper and reliability.

Here in this article, we will have a deeper discussion about this error and how it works. With the help of this article, you not only get to learn about the error but also get the additional findings to fix the issue whenever it occurs on your screen.

What Exactly 504 Bad Gateway Error is?

Let us now look at the operational functioning of this error that is an expert in causing problems. In simple words, when you open any browser on your device and type the URL of the website which you want to visit it always collects your information and send back the gathered information to the hosted web server.

So once the information that web server collects it will again revert the same request to you along with HTTP header. I hope you know that the HTTP Header is made up of a lot of Codes and this algorithm converse with the server to make sure if everything is going right

It is a matter of fact that not every HTTP status codes works like that. All HTTP status codes are different in numbers and perform differently. If we talk about the error codes so they are – 500, 501, 502, 503, 504 and many more and they all functions in a different manner.

These 500 Status error Codes expresses that the request which is given by the user has been accepted but the server failed to complete the sent request. So basically, you send a request but you don’t get acceptance.

A 504 bad gateway timeout error specifically means that the hosted server which is actually acting as a gateway could not respond to your request that led to the time out of that hosted server. Now, the process will wait for another server which can easily respond to your request.

Forms of 504 bad gateway timeout error

As we know that there are many different web browsers, servers, and Operating Systems available in the market and so this 504 bad gateway timeout error appears differently in all the different systems and servers. Though they always displays the same meaning but in a different form altogether.

Under this block, we will have a look at those different variations of 504 bad gateway timeout error that appears in a different form.

  • 504 Error
  • HTTP Error 504
  • 504 Gateway Timeout
  • NGINX 504 Gateway Timeout
  • 504 Gateway Time-out – the server didn’t respond in time

Resolve 504 Gateway Timeout Error In Simple Ways

I know it is highly a disgrace feeling whenever you interact with a WordPress site and the white screen flashing the error Fix 504 Gateway Timeout Error on the screen. It would be much better when you get to learn how to fix such error so that you don’t get threatened by them anymore.

Basically, we cannot afford to put our work on risk and wait for the error to get disappeared by themselves. Right? So to bring you some relief we have designed some simple methods which will surely help you to resolve the issue without having a tech-savvy sitting next to you.

Method 1: Reload The Page

This is one of the common things that every user generally do. When you get to the 504 gateway error you just need to wait for a few minutes and tap on the Reload icon of the page or just press F5 or Ctrl + F5 from your keyboard.

Reloading the page help the clear the overloaded functioning from the site and once it clears the way you can easily see the desired website. After executing this method if the problem persisted then, you must step forward towards the next method.

Method 2: Proxy Settings

This is the alternative method if the previous one did not work for you. In this method, you are required to change the proxy settings from the browser which may be causing the issue on your server.

Now we will look at the process which will help you do the same.

  • First, simply open the browser and go the “Settings” option followed by the “Advanced” option.
  • Then you will get to see many options where you need to select “System” and then navigate to the “Open proxy settings” and then tap on it.
  • A new pop-up window will get appear where you need to select “LAN Settings” option.
  • Then you need to disable “Automatically detect settings” and also “Use a proxy server for your LAN” if both are enabled.
  • Save the changes in the end.

Method 3: Deactivate CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Basically, CDNs are used to load the sites even faster and also to save the copies in the datacenters across the globe. However, when the CDN of your system fails to load the site it causes the 504 error on your system.

Every CDN works differently so here I am going to explain the process of Cloudflare. So if you are a user of Cloudflare then, follow the instructions carefully.

  • Go to the “Overview” option and then “Advanced” Settings.
  • You will get to see the “Pause” button which you need to “disable” by clicking on it.

With these simple and easy methods, you will surely find a way to come of the problem by fixing them intelligently and confidently.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that you have learned to fix 504 Bad Gateway Timeout Error from your system. With the help of the methods discussed above, I am very sure that you have fixed all the issues quite confidently. We would love to hear your experience which you can mention in the comments section below.