20 Best Alternatives to MangaStream in 2024

Well, no doubt that Mangastream is one of the top-visited comic reading websites on the internet for years now but sadly the website is no longer live, period.

Don’t worry because our team researched every corner of the web to find top MangaStream alternatives in 2022 worth the switch.

What is MangaStream?

MangaStream was a website where anime lovers used to find and read comics from their vast library. It was so popular that famous comics were translated into different languages for a majority of users on this website by the users only. Also, the main reason that it was so popular among the fans was the free availability of the website without charging any money. It was live on the internet for about a decade and so on.

Is MangaStream down?

Yes, as of September 2020, the website is down and there is no possibility that in the near future, the website will be up and running. The website is down because of the copyright issue by the comic creators due to which the website was said to be illegal and got down.

The create of the Mangastream website decided to stop all the services to the users as they were considered illegal. The website wanted readers to read the content from legal sources such as MangaFox. Enough talk about the MangaStream, now, let us go through some of the best alternatives to the website.

Note; “Our Techlogitic team is not responsible for any malware getting installed in the system due to the following websites/applications.”

List of MangaStream Alternatives

Before moving into the dept view of the manga websites. Let’s take a look at the list of websites similar to mangastream.

  1. MangaDex
  2. MangaFox
  3. MangaOwl
  4. MangaPark
  5. Manga Town
  6. MangaHere
  7. MangaReborn
  8. TenManga
  9. MangaReader
  10. MangaKakalot
  11. MangaPanda
  12. MangaEden
  13. Mangago
  14. Mangairo
  15. KissManga
  16. Manganelo
  17. MangaFreak
  18. Comixology
  19. ToonGet
  20. MangaStream.today

Top 20 MangaStream alternatives worth a try

Comics are a way to escape reality and enjoy the peaceful moment while reading mangas. Mangastream was one of the best and free websites to read Mangas online but due to their legalization issues, we are not able to access the website. However, our team has managed to find the 20 best Mangastream alternatives where can help you gain access to your favorite comics in minutes. Let’s have a look at what our team has found for you.

#1 MangaDex

mangadex - mangastream alternative

When we talk about MangaStream alternatives, the first name that came to our mind is MangaDex. While ranking the best websites in order we decided to MangaDex at the top. It packs in an amazing feature that contains different versions of series with different endings speculated by the users. Just like Mangastrea, the comics are available in 20 different languages with colored versions as well.

The reason the MangaDex is top on our list is because of their Group system. One can follow an existing group or create one and connect with other people sharing the same thoughts. Apart from this, MangaDex also has a forum section where you can connect with other people and discuss/share things. One can make comments on the existing comics in the groups and discuss things.

Apart from this, it even allows you to upload your own version of Comics. Once uploaded, the community first verifies it and then makes it visible to the public.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#2 MangaFox/FanFox

fanfox read one piece mangastream

Another great alternative is the MangaFox. Due to the popularity of this website, some even created mirrors and copied websites of the same. By default, the theme of the website is somewhat punchy and packs in a blend of orange, black, and white. It is a very user-friendly website for all comic lovers and the adaptive zoom just enhances the overall reading quality of the website. Apart from this, it also has an official android application which makes it easier for people to read on mobile.

Apart from this, it has a ranking feature that helps you read the popular comics which were ranked high in this week/month or on daily basis. It even have a total leaderboard section to see the popular comics ranking of all time. You can even check the history of your activity and keep a track of the comics you are reading. To access the history of your activity you have to log into your account.

Update –  The website is been redirected to FanFox.net now however if case of any queries you can still mail to [email protected]. The contact email has been updated in the footer section of the website.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#3 MangaOwl


It is one among the popular websites for Manga comics. It is mostly known due to the fact that the owners keep of updating the WSJ sequence episodes on regular basis before the official release announcement. Just like MangaFox, it too packs in an orange theme with a vast database that is greatly organized.

The genre feature has gained a special attention to our team and that is why we decided it to rank on the 3rd of our list. The discussion section consists of forum where you can share/comment your ideas with other manga readers. It consists of a section Top Night owls where you can see who is reading the comic for maximum hours. Just like other mangastream, it has offers comics in different languages.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#4 MangaPark


The MangaPark website is very well known for the comics they provide over the internet as they are the most talked about ones. They have the best quality comics and up-to-date content. Like all the discussed earlier, it also packs in a very user-friendly minimalistic look and feels that improves the overall experience of the end-user.

It even consists of the upload manga feature where user can upload their version of the comic or any new comic they have created. The comic is been visible after getting reviewed by the community. Apart from this you can read any manga from the latest manga releases.

It is recommended to check the ratings/ popularity and author first before reading any manga. As you don’t want to waste the time with non-sense stories. The website also offers simple navigation box and a search bar to search your favorite comic.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#5 MangaTown

mangatown mangastream replacement

This Mangastream alternative is popular due to a very huge and vast library of most of the Manga comics. It comes with a modern user interface that looks premium with no absolute cost. Also, categories are present on the portal with A-Z filter of the comics on the main page.

To discuss and share ideas with other manga readers you will have to join the comment section as it does not comes with a forum section. However, a good thing about MangaTown is that it does not require any user registration to access the comics. One simply has to click the banner of the mange and scroll the preferred language and start reading.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#6 MangaHere

mangahere my hero academia mangastream

Well, this website packs in more than 10,000 manga comics that can fulfil the demands of all the Manga readers out there. Being famous comes with cons among which is the regularly changing URL due to copyright issues in some countries. One of the best things about this website is that not only does it have Japanese comics but Korean, Hong Kong, European and many more.

MangaHere has an official android application as well. The website have a section Manga spoilers and news where you can see the predictions/spoilers discussed by people. It also has an option to check the history of the comics you read before, you can acess it registering on the website.

One can read the latest comics by click on the Latest Updates button in the menu. Once loaded one simply has to click on the title or banner to start reading the comic.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#7 MangaReborn


The website is only for the Manga readers existing out there. Even though the website is free, to read the comics, a user has to create an account to join the community of manga readers in it. It also packs in a dedicated news and forum section that improves the overall experience of the reader. The UI is painted in a maroon theme that is a bit aggressive to the eye and creates a great environment for the reader.

Apart from this, the website allows users to read the comics in 2 different languages i.e English and Japanese. The user can switch the language by using the drop-down menu in the top corner. Don’t forget to share your ideas on the forum and gain top rankings.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#8 TenManga


With more than 55 genres of comics, TenManga is a great alternative. All the famous and known comics are uploaded on this website and any comic can be accessed with just a few clicks in the search box. All the latest updates of old as well as newly released comics are updated on the homepage itself leaving a very UpToDate website for the users.

You can browse each type of comic by clicking on the category section in the menu. this allows users to select all type of mangas such as Adventure, Anime, suspense, etc.. and read your Favorite Manga comic

The surprise section in the top menu is the amazing feature so far encounter while reviewing the mangastream alternatives. If you are not able to understand what to read or you are finished with your comics you can click on the surprise button which then redirects you to any random teenmanga top readers comic to read.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#9 MangaReader


This website will be more friendly and known to the old users due to the resemblance with the original MangaStream website. It has the same classic interface included with a Surprise me option that presents any random comic to the user. Navigation is really easy with A to Z filter according to the comic names.

Unlike Mangastrea, this is the website you can depend on. With all the updated content on the website, it allows users to read all types of popular mangas in one click.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#10 MangaKakalot


This is a really user-friendly MangaStream alternative that packs in a number of manga comics online on the website. If a user just started reading manga, this a heaven as it will also guide a user throughout the website and awareness about manga. All the latest Mangas are available on the website with an attractive user interface.

Due to the very simple user interface the user can search any comic within few minutes and start reading. It is recommended to read the comment section and reviews of the comic before reading the manga.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#11 MangaPanda


Like MangaReader, this is another great alternative to the original Mangastream. There are 1000+ comics on the website that include all the latest ones as well. All the comics are high quality and widely viewable over laptop and handheld devices. The website is divided into the genre like action and adventure that creates an overall smooth experience while navigating through the website. It also has the same surprise me button as MangaReader.

This is my personal favourite alternative of mine and the AtoZ filter in the menu has helped me surf the website with great comfort.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#12 MangaEden


It is a really minimalistic and simple website with most of the latest manga comics in the library. The comics are available in English as well as Italian. The website gets updated regularly once a week that keeps the website very active from the developer’s end as well.

This website loading speed is top-notch and it allows you to surf the website with greater experience even the slow internet connection. It allows the user to read the full manga in the form of a PDF file which allows you to read it without any disturbance of ads.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#13 Mangago


This website is in testing and has its beta version running live on the internet. It has some pretty amazing features with famous comics like Astro boy, dragon ball, etc. the website has a very intuitive user interface where any user can post any query to the community tab with no pop-up ads.

When you visit the website, it is recommended to read the reviews and ratings before reading any manga. Also, you can visit the Manage directory section in the menu for accessing genres such as Action, Adventure, Anime, etc…

Visit the website by clicking here.

#14 Mangairo


This is one of the best alternatives to mangastream on which reading comics is an amazing experience. All the new comics are uploaded to the website regularly to keep the website up and running flawlessly. There is a search tab that makes it easy to find the favourite comic according to the preferred genre. One of the pros of using the website is that the website is completely ad-free with no pop-ups so far.

The completed manga section in the menu is an additional feature added by the developers. This feature allows the user to track the mangas completed, to access this one has to register itself on the website.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#15 KissManga


This website packs in a huge library of more than 100k comics that cover all the comics so far. Not just they are huge in number but the quality is indeed very high and the library gets updated regularly with all the latest comics ahead of their official launch. Also, one can share their favourite manga with peers using simple steps.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#16 Manganelo


The huge library of the website is used by Manga search engines to find the desirable comic of choice. It packs in more than 40 genre of comics that include both old as well as all the latest Manga comics. All the comics on the website are of really high quality and can be accessed from different sections of the page. Some of them are categorized as the latest, hot as well as newest Manga. Apart from this, the website has a simple user interface.

To access extra features, you might need to register yourself on the website and gain access to it. The right section on the homepage allows you to access the most popular mangas of all time.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#17 MangaFreak


This is a great alternative for those who love reading comics on the go. It packs in a decent collection of comics from various genres. Due to the popularity of the website, many copies and duplicates of the websites are also made by the competitors. Apart from this, it also tracks the comic a user is reading and saves it in the history section to be read later.

Apart from this, it allows users to download the manga and read it later on their mobile/computer. This allows users to read them without ads. The user can click on the random button located in the menu to go to any of the popular mangas if they are out of the option. This has helped me read some of the mangas and they turned out to be surprisingly good.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#18 Comixology


This alternative is a bit different from the above stated as it is a cloud-based website. It too packs in over 100k comics to be selected from. The original website was launched back in 2007 after which it was taken over by the tech giant Amazon in 2014 following the demand and popularity of the website. All the Chinese, Korean, American, etc. Mangas are available on the site.

If you are looking to spend some bucks on mangas this website is a very good option. You can buy the manga and read it without any interruption of ads. Since it is acquired by amazon it is unlikely to be shut down ever. The UI/UX of the website is not so great as compared to others since it is under a tech giant now.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#19 ToonGet


Not just Comics but all the famous anime series and shows are listed on this website. It is very user-friendly with no complex user interface. The owners keep the website updated every now and then with all the latest shows and Manga. No signup is required to access the content. The dubbed anime section is a very cool feature.

It even comes with an android application that can help users to read it from their mobile. In comparison to others the website is not so updated with recent anime mangas. But a good mangastream alternative to read it online for free.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#20 MangaStream.today


Last but not the least, we have MangaStream.today that is a great Manga website. It has a really simple user interface with a huge collection of comics. One can even bookmark the favourite manga and access it afterwards. The website is widely famous due to their large database of the comics and for the updated content of the comics.

To simplify the main feature features it is the one-stop destination for comic readers where one can access history, read manga in various languages and browse all versions of the comics in one go.

Visit the website by clicking here.

Bonus – Popular Websites similar to MangaStream

Whiles searching for the best mangastream alternatives we managed to access more than 20+ websites. However, we decided not to mention them since it will confuse the user. If you are still not satisfied and not found the right website to start reading the manga. Don’t worry here are more 5 websites for you to get any manga for free.

  • Bookwalker
  • Comico
  • MyReadingManga
  • Viz Media


However, the mangastream website is no longer alive you can still give it a try to the above manga websites. We are pretty sure you will find your best alternative to mangastream website. One can read their favourite comics in one click.

Personally, Mangas is the best thing that happened to me. What’s the better way to enjoy a peaceful moment in this chaotic world? MANGA. Reading comics/mangas have made me realise it can help you relate with the characters. The good thing is the comics make you understand that never to give up no matter what. Especially if you are reading Naruto/Boruto comic the characters in manga have always told us never to give up on our dream.

So, let’s not cry on our Mangastream website and let’s move forward as inspired by the comics. If you have any more website where we can read mangas feel free to drop down in the comment section. We will be happy to add them in our bonus part of the article.

FAQ’s of the Mangastream Website.

Q – Why is Mangastream not opening now?

Answer – Due to piracy, illegal content and DMCA copyright protocols on the website the original developers of the Mangastream had to shut the website. There are still other websites who offer free manga reading. Some even have an official android application.

Q – Is MangaStream Website Down?

Answer – Yes, the mangastream website is down and no longer function to the users out there. However the website may comeback with some official content and users can have access to it. There is no official word about it getting back soon.

Q – What is the MangaStream New Domain?

Answer – Officially, there is no new domain for the Mangastream website. However users can access websites like fanfox.net, mangastream.today which offer the same features as Mangastream.

Q – Do These Mangastream alternatives websites Charge For The Content?

Answer – No, the websites mentioned above do not charge any fee to read the content. However, some may ask you to register yourself on the website to access their new features.

Q – Is there any subscription required to access the Manga?

Answer – No, most of the websites only ask for a sign up and they do not charge or ask users to subscribe.

Q – What are some of the best MangaStream Alternatives?

Answer – MangaDex, MangaOwl, MangaFox, MangaPark, TenManga, MangaReader, Mangastream.today are some of the best Mangastream alternatives.