Why Outlook 2016 is Still Relevant for Its Users?

Outlook 2016 is critically acclaimed as a personal information manager availed under the productivity suite. While most people use as an email app, the program features a task manager, journal and contact manager when they buy Microsoft outlook 2016. The app also boasts of scalable vector graphics, email address internalization, and a search cloud functionality. In this article, we discuss the various reasons behind Outlook 2016 being relevant among its users.

Quick to Set Up

You will need a Microsoft Outlook account and an active Internet connection for you to use Outlook 2016. The entire process of setting up an account takes a few minutes. You can begin the process by clicking on the File tab and selecting the Add Account button from the Info menu. The next step involves signing in with a suitable email address or one provided at school or work.

Easy to Navigate Through Mail Folders

The Home tab on Outlook 2016 usually displays your mail folders once you click on it. You can select any email folder to view its contents. The panes linking the folders can also be turned on or off depending on your preferences. Outlook 2016 also features the Groups functionality under the Home tab that allows you to communicate with teams.

You can also use the Group command to share conversations, events, calendars or messages with your team members. Conversation View allows you to sort and filter all messages too. Docking the reading pane at the bottom or on the side can help you view messages in a preferred area.

More Advanced Mail Features

Outlook 2016 is increasingly becoming an alternative for traditional email apps due to its advanced mail features. The app can allow you to flag a message, clear a flagged message, categorize a message based on color and recall a message. You can also perform advanced tasks such as creating a distribution list, creating a signature and changing the messaging options. Mail items can be moved to different folders or saved as drafts (if they contain pieces of text and media).

The Home tab is designed to include tools for attaching files, sending a blind carbon copy (BCC) and opening an attachment. You can also forward, delete or create a new message from tools included under this tab. Outlook 2016 features a Quick Access toolbar for checking for new messages. You can use this feature to preview a message too.

Intuitive Contact Manager

The Contact Manager included in Office 2016 allows for a number of tasks to be performed. They include viewing contacts, creating a new contact, editing a contact and finding a contact. You can also delete a contact and choose the desired view of your contacts.

Task Management at Its Best

The Navigation Bar on Microsoft Outlook 2016 can enable you to view your tasks. You can also create a new task from the To-Do Bar or complete a pending task. The Task Manager makes it easy to delete tasks, create recurring ones or assign them to a group member. A recurring task, in this case, is one that is repeatedly conducted every day, week or month.

Outlook 2016 Offers More Than Email

Microsoft Outlook 2016 allows you to switch between your mail, contacts, and calendar. Using the Calendar view, you can manage events taking place on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. You can also switch your viewpoint to see how busy your days, weeks and months are. The calendar comes with a Search box, which helps you find appointments and meetings instantly.

You can count on Outlook 2016 to navigate your schedule or look up past or future events. The app also allows you to view your shared calendars. With this feature, you can view additional calendars created by your group members. You can also create a new schedule or monitor your schedule.

Smart Lookup Helps You Look up Information

Smart Lookup is among the Outlook 2016 features that people enjoy using. With this functionality, you can initiate an Internet search for relevant information. Smart Lookup helps define concepts, phrases or words. The search results will appear on the task pane and offer insightful information, which is also sharable.

Outlook Add-ins for Automating Routine Operations

The add-ins included in Outlook 2016 come in the form of small helping programs. They introduce new functional capabilities to the app while automating routine operations. You can search for several add-ins online and install them on your Outlook 2016 for greater user experiences. Once you install them, it’s possible to turn them off or on as you wish.


When Microsoft Office 2016 debuted on 9th June 2015, users were eager to try out the features included in the Office 2016 apps. Outlook 2016 was met with generally positive reviews just like apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The app is still being used even after Microsoft released newer Office suite versions. The trend may continue in the future too.