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Web presence is the way your business appears on the Internet, and includes the content on your website, social media profiles, and reviews (basically, what people see when encountering you online). Digital presence is the cornerstone of commercial success online, as it makes your business visible and easily accessible to customers. Unless you build a strong and sustainable position online, your business may get lost among other competitors who are willing to fill up the niche.

Aiming for better visibility and recognition, it is important to plan a strategy for online development, which is based on the link building strategy and its components. What is a linkbuilding service and how does it works for the benefit of the company? Let’s follow the guide.

Amplify Your Web Presence

What is link building?

Link building is a strategy that aims to create a network of influence and cooperation for a particular website by inserting backlinks to relevant websites. It is a crucial practice for building domain authority and enhancing website ranking. The backlinks, or inbound links, are considered signals of ‘trust’ by the search engine, which takes the website up the search ladder. However, it is only possible if the number of links and their quality are balanced and go from respectful and trustworthy resources.

Unless the website has high search rates, there will be a slim chance of being ‘searchable’ in the ocean of competitors.

What are the types of link building strategies?

Generally, there are three types of link building strategies:

  1. White hat link building – a fair game that is built according to the rules and regulations of the search engine. White-hat’s objective is to reach the top ranking without violating the rules and manipulating the search algorithms. Such a strategy may take more time and effort, yet it will result in a well-built and sustainable reputation.
  2. Black hat link building – is an unfair game by the companies who want to get everything at once. Black hat is a cheating technique, as they often get down to spamming, overusing the keywords, backlink packages, payment for every backlink, etc. Black-hat may bring faster results and better ranking within a short period of time, yet, the existence of such a business is under question, as it can be penalized and degraded in the search.
  3. Grey hat link building – a “balancing” type, as it uses both white and black techniques, yet, stays within non-penalizing limits.

The choice is entirely up to the owner of the business, however, it is important to consider future plans. Those who intend a long-term existence should target only white-hat option, as it helps to build a relevant reputation and level of authority, without any fear of being degraded.

The most efficient link building checklist

Quality of content

The Internet space is flooded with information, however, finding the right one, from a respectable and trustful source is quite a task. Oftentimes there are just clickable news or short posts, which are created for advertisement, and have a catchy title, yet the informational load is close to none. If your website becomes a source of interesting and valuable content, the one that others can use as verification for information, the backlinks will easily be obtained for free, without any additional effort.

As a rule, such content is not commercial and presents an educational, entertaining, or explanatory load. By creating linkable and shareable content, you create value for your business, readers, and related enterprises. Among the most valuable pieces of content are tutorials, infographics, researches, guides, how-to articles or videos, etc.

By dedicating your time and attention to quality, you create a strong background for constantly growing organic traffic.

Guest writing

Guest writing, or blogging, is an asset of blogger outreach services. First of all, you need to search for relevant websites, with a high level of outreach. After making up the list of the partners-to-be, you need to create an article that is related to your level of expertise and offer it to the “accepting websites” for free. They get free top-notch content, and in return, place a link that directs to your website for free. The backlink is usually placed in the body of the article, or in the author’s bio (yet it is less effective).

guest writing

Although everything seems pretty easy, there are a few remarks to remember:

  • Use Ahrefs or Google Search to find the relative websites, with a high level of authority, as the low-quality sources will not bring you any value.
  • Be ready for refusal as it takes time to persuade the webmaster that your content will bring additional value to their resource.
  • Use Google Trends to define the keywords extensively used by the users.
  • Analyze the top search results, and their content, and outperform them with the quality and level of expertise.

Broken link building

Broken link building is a relatively new strategy of seo services, compared to blog posting, yet, it has already proven its efficiency. The whole procedure is based on the substitution of link rots, with the backlinks to your web source:

  1. Search for the links that point to “404 error” using Ahrefs or Backlinko.
  2. Create a relevant content
  3. Contact the website manager, point out the broken page, and offer a ‘healthier” replacement, which includes a new backlink to your website.

Such cooperation creates a win-win situation, as webmasters don’t even need to bother with all the check-ups of the content and have the content refreshed. Your website gets a boost of organic traffic as well.

The bottom line

Link building is a tried-and-tested strategy that enhances the website’s performance online. By spreading the quality backlinks to your websites among other high authority domains, you build “earn the point of trust” from Google algorithms. A significant boost of organic traffic will bring your website higher in the search list, make it visible to the users, and thus, increase the company’s revenue.


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