Employee Essentials – Taking a Holistic Look at Selecting Business Software


Business in 2019 is arguably enjoying one of the greatest shifts in efficiency and productivity in recent times. One of the chief causes of this shift is the development and improvements in business software and technology. Smart businesses are looking for more than just a digital solution, they are looking for the right digital solution. With so many options on the market to choose from, it can be easy to go for the first option you see. Instead, businesses should be taking a holistic look at all software options and finding the right fit for their specific business. To make it easier, below are a few simple tips to viewing through a more holistic lens.

Unproductive hours

An easy way to take a holistic view of your business and the areas where software can help is to look at unproductive hours. Whether it’s physical tasks or administration, unproductive hours are lost time your business can’t afford. One of those areas is likely to be rostering or scheduling your workforce. Finding the right software can make this task a lot easier. Try the timesheet app from Deputy for example. This kind of software is intuitive and can be tailored to suit your needs. By opting for an application that can be customised to your business, you are able to make real improvements, not only in rostering but across the business as a whole. The hours saved by using this kind of software allow you to focus efforts and attention elsewhere.


A software package with all of the bells and whistles may seem great on the surface, but diving deeper can make all the difference. Instead of choosing the flashiest option, do a full-scale review of all your existing software programs before buying a new one. The reason for doing this kind of holistic review is to ensure integration is possible. The last thing you need is to pay for a software program that then can’t talk to your existing systems. By understanding the integration requirements of your existing systems, you can make a much more holistic decision when it comes to new software solutions. It is possible to implement a software system that doesn’t integrate with all your existing solutions, but one that doesn’t integrate with any is a problem you don’t want to have.

Measuring benefit

The whole purpose of implementing software solutions for any business should be a real and measurable benefit somewhere in the business. That benefit can be easy to quantify or it can be difficult. Whichever way your solution falls, it is important to consider the potential benefits outside of the task you need the software solution for. For example, a timesheet application will make rostering easier, freeing your time up to focus on other areas of the business, that much is obvious. However, it may also create a more clear and transparent employee communication culture through greater access and visibility. Finding ways to measure and quantify the benefit of a solution across the entire business is an important consideration for any system. A good software solution will help you quantify those benefits as well as offering them.

~When considering a software solution, ask questions about the broader business benefits offered. Software or technology solutions can have a real impact on your business. Whether it is eliminating unproductive hours or creating a single source of data. The challenge can be finding a solution that works for all parts of your business journey, not just one. Instead of simply choosing the most popular option, take a more holistic view of selecting business software with these easy tips.

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