HotTelecom Provides You With Only Best Numbers

Virtual VoIP numbers by HotTelecom with all its services and capabilities are becoming a viable replacement for a regular telephone network. Such a number is visually no different from the usual one and can be in the format of a landline phone, mobile number, or toll-free number.

You will need a virtual number if you want to communicate with your foreign partners, clients, or relatives who live in another country without spending a lot of money on it. It doesn’t matter what country you are in and how often you move from place to place. Thanks to a virtual number from HotTelecom, you will always be in touch.


Features of Virtual Numbers and IP Telephony

When using IP technologies, data transmission is carried out using Internet channels that leads to a decrease in costs of telephone communication. It is due to the compression of the data that is transmitted and the lower price of the end equipment. Thanks to these two advantages, this kind of telephony can significantly save the cost of making international calls without losing the quality of connection.


The Best Virtual Phone Numbers

From a technical point of view, virtual telephony has a tremendous number of advantages. HotTelecom Company provides you with:

  • high quality of communication;
  • the ability to make international calls at favorable rates;
  • the ability to connect a variety of communication channels (allows you to receive several incoming calls to one virtual number at the same time);
  • the option to change the redirect settings at any time directly on the site;
  • technical support via chat, e-mail, phone, etc.

HotTelecom virtual numbers are supported in more than 90 countries without roaming connections. This approach allows you to use virtual numbers from any country where VoIP telephony is available. You just need to create an account and contact technical support for further instructions.