How to Exchange LTC to BTC/ETH on

How to Exchange LTC to BTC/ETH on

If you want to swap Litecoin (LTC) for Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH), you’re in the right place. Using the exchange platform, it really couldn’t be any easier. It doesn’t even require you to create an account first!

As a non-custodial platform, you’re protected from exchange hacks, founders going missing, exit scams, and many of the other issues that plague more centralized platforms when you trade at All you need to do is specify an address to receive your new cryptocurrency and send the asset you’re swapping to the platform. Godex takes care of the rest!

Why Swap LTC to BTC or ETH?

Litecoin hasn’t had the same stellar 2020 as either BTC or ETH. Currently the ninth most popular cryptocurrency by market capitalization, LTC opened the year trading at just over $60. More than 11 months later, it still trades at around $60.

In that time, both Bitcoin and Ether have experienced huge price increases. BTC has more than doubled the $7,200 it was priced at when 2020 began. Similarly, ETH has appreciated from around $130 to more than $470.

Investors are backing ETH because of its capability of supporting decentralized applications – such as those supporting the growing DeFi sector. A planned upgrade should make the network better able to serve even more use cases too. 

Meanwhile, BTC has attracted large investments thanks to its store of value qualities. Since LTC lacks such a compelling use case, it’s easy to make a case for trading LTC to BTC or ETH. 

Why Godex? is a great, hassle-free exchange to trade cryptocurrencies at. Unlike many platforms, it doesn’t take custody of your digital currencies. This protects users from exit scams, hacks, and other eventualities. This is just one of many compelling reasons to use We’ve listed some more below:

  • is a trusted platform with many positive reviews on TrustPilot.
  • The platform lists more than 200 coins.
  • There are no exchange limits.
  • You don’t need to submit any personal information.
  • Fixed exchange rate locked in for 30 mins to protects against price slippages.

How to Exchange LTC to BTC or ETH on

If you’re thinking of swapping LTC to BTC or ETH on, just follow the steps below. It’s very easy and is probably the quickest way for you to move between digital assets!

  1.     Visit
  2.     On the homepage, you should see an exchange box. It will have “You Send” and “You Get” fields, along with two different digital currencies.
  3.     Click the cryptocurrency in the “You Send” field. It will show you a list of supported cryptos.
  4.    If you want to trade on the ETH/LTC trading pair, scroll through to find Litecoin or type it in the search box.
  5.     Select LTC.
  6.     Click the cryptocurrency in the “You Get” field.
  7.     Scroll through or type the asset you want to swap LTC for (in this case BTC or ETH).
  8.     Enter the amount of LTC you want to swap for BTC or ETH in the “You Send” field. The “You Get” field should update automatically with the number of BTC or ETH you’ll receive.
  9.     Click “Exchange”.
  10.  Enter your valid BTC or ETH public address when prompted.
  11.  Copy the LTC deposit address generated and send the requested number of Litecoin to the address using your LTC wallet.
  12.  Wait for the confirmation to validate and you’ll receive either Bitcoin or Ethereum to the wallet address you provided.

That’s all there is to it. No signups. No lengthy identity checks. Not even any user accounts. Just a quick, hassle-free cryptocurrency exchange service!   

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