Is Having a Healthcare App a Good Thing for Aesthetic Clinics?

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Management software developers frequently propagate about the benefits of healthcare apps in aesthetic clinics. Is healthcare software really that beneficial and if it is, how exactly?

More than 55% of global web traffic goes through mobile devices, with the second quarter of 2022 almost reaching the 60% mark. In other words, the majority of Internet usage goes through our phones.

This insight has a major impact on how we perceive and develop software as society. In a world where mobile devices dominate the digital sphere, evolving your business to embrace this and make use of mobile web users is a logical step forward.

All aspects of efficiency optimization, customer outreach, and user experience in every business can be improved with this information by building a software that caters to mobile users. Does that mean that aesthetic clinics should have a healthcare app? Absolutely yes!

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The advantages are many, the downsides are none. An EMR software for clinics can be used to boost just about every segment of your workplace, from financial management and productivity increase to improving user experience and providing quality of life changes that make the clinic a more welcoming place to its patients.

A Medium Between the Clinic and the Patients

Online medication prescription has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people opting for the convenience of virtual consultations and prescriptions. Mobile apps play a critical role in this process, serving as mediators between the clinic and the patients. With the rise of telemedicine, mobile apps have become an essential tool for doctors and patients alike. These apps allow patients to schedule virtual appointments, consult with doctors online, and receive prescriptions without ever leaving their homes. This has proven especially useful for patients with mobility issues or those who live in remote areas without easy access to medical care..

Mobile apps also provide doctors with a convenient platform to manage patient records, schedule appointments, and communicate with their patients. They simplify communication, ease entering the treatment process, and increase the quality of service. After all, pressing a couple of buttons in an app sounds a lot less stressful than signing a pile of papers in front of a person in a white coat, right?

Having a proper aesthetic clinic software can be as important as having a welcoming waiting room and smiling, amiable staff. Do the first impression right and you will already go half-way to earning the trust and winning the heart of your client. And let’s not forget that the app stays with the client always, even when your medical experts move on to the next patient.

A Guiding Hand Behind the Screen

Apart from acting as a smiling face of your aesthetic clinic, a clinic management software has a major influence on the inner mechanics and efficiency of your institution.

How come? Well, the efficiency and productivity of your workplace can be increased by streamlining, optimizing, and automating certain vital parts and choke points. As this software has a complete overview of every relevant aspect of the clinic, it can easily coordinate and synchronize between parts that have delays in communication or cooperation.

For example, imagine a pile of medical data that has to reach a medical expert from the manual, app-less records or archive and the trip it has to make. After that, every addition or edit in the records has to be followed through. What about when the patient asks for access to this data? Every part of the process takes time away from something productive.

Not with a clinic app. The software for clinics marks every change, makes data available to every relevant party, and comes up with optimal administrative solutions instantaneously. Observe this time saving over a longer period of time and it really adds up. After all, if time is money then saving seconds means earning coins.

This software can be used for everything, from administrative and financial departments (perhaps in conjunction with any specialist netsuite accounting software they may already use) to schedule management, and to relieve your staff of chores, leaving them able to focus on what really matters, which is healthcare and aesthetic services.

That is a lot of pennies, no doubt.

Healthcare App Features

Besides hospitality and efficiency, software for clinics have specific features that solve concrete problems or simply include solutions that work better than their manual counterparts.

Let’s start with online appointments. Millennials have grown up with the Internet and find pre-treatment meetings or even phone calls a much less attractive option. Since some of the millennials have already entered their 30s, you can expect that some of them already use the services of aesthetic healthcare clinics. Saving a trip to the clinic means a lot to them, but to other age groups as well. Even your own employees will benefit from skipping a non-medical meeting. Couple this with video meetings for check-ups and consultations and you get a much better and more efficient service that the patients will love.

Simple reminders and unified calendar reduce no-shows and drastically reduce the wait lists, which pretty much every party in this situation will appreciate. Online payments and deposits make the user experience better than their traditional counterparts while reducing the margins of your daily costs for procedures. Electronic medical cards make patient data more accessible and more safe at the same time, which is especially important in today’s age of digital data security and privacy.

The list does not stop here, but you get the idea. With a sound piece of healthcare software, you can upgrade and improve nearly every aspect of your aesthetic clinic, to the praise of both your staff and your patients.

The Patients’ Experience

Last but not even slightly less important is the user experience. With numerous quality of life improvements and formulas that advance traditional concepts of aesthetic clinics, the patients’ experience of your clinic will change for the better.

Implementing software for clinics and enhancing your workplace can show your dedication and care towards patients and their experience, and they will notice this. As traditional marketing methods decline, word of mouth has yet again risen in prominence. A pleased patient will tell about their experience and people will always opt for places that care for their clients. Why shouldn’t that place be your clinic?

And the app will stay with your patients even when you yourself move on. It will send reminders, new deals, and relevant messages that reinforce communication. It will gather relevant data that you can work with to further optimize your targeting and patient management. The app will even channel feedback to you so you can see which parts of your workplace do exceedingly well and which parts could be improved.


In the end, the facts are convincing: software for clinics can bring a world of good to your workplace and transform it to a whole new level of productivity which the patients will notice. If you still do not have a healthcare app for your aesthetic clinic, do consider getting one as soon as possible – before your competition does, at least.


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