5 Reasons Why you Should Choose Delta as your Stock Tracker

Investing in stocks is by far one of the most beneficial investment plans. People are advised to cut down on expenses for the sake of investing in the stock market. As demonstrated statistically, investing in shares indeed tends to pay off well in the long run.

There are a lot of factors to be considered before you can narrow it down to a selection as to where you want to put your money in. Then comes, the pangs of handling multiple assets, keeping track of your equity, profits, and dividends that can prove to be tougher than anticipated. This is where we all need some help.

Technology always seems to answer our cries. This time, it has endowed us with some of the most efficient and one of the best stock tracker apps. Stock tracking apps ease the everyday process of reviewing our shares. Some even have direct ties to the companies enabling us to buy and sell the stocks, all from one platform. Of the many available options, Delta has proven to be a viable option. In the next few lines, we will discuss in detail, the features that the Delta stock tracker offers and why it is considered one of the best stock trackers in the market.

Features of Delta

Below we have discussed some of the very convincing and coherent features that Delta provides.

Manage your Stock Portfolio

Delta enables you to keep track of all your stocks and equity under one dashboard. It helps you monitor global markets such as Nasdaq, NYSE, Euronext, HKEX, etc. It also fetches the value in your local currency to ease transactions and understand values better.

Delta shows you your profits and losses as calculated over the last 24 hours. These values along with the other stats are updated every time of the day per the changing market standards. The values are also displayed according to the time ranges selected on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Connecting your Broker Account

Although this feature is not live yet, it is quite promising. The app will allow you to connect your broker account in case you are using one. Thus, the need to switch between multiple applications is minimized. Furthermore, the app enables you to pay your broker fees from the Delta app itself.

Personalized Notifications

Delta stock tracker allows you to cut through the unnecessary app notifications and get only those that are worth your time. Choose what you need to be alerted about and you will not be disturbed any further.

Stock Market Overview and Analysis

Get a detailed overview of how your assets are performing. The app also provides historical info on the shares and their performances over some time. Depending on the selection, the app also provides statistical representations of the data color-coded in an easily retainable fashion.

Handling Multiple Stock Portfolios

Have multiple assets in stocks? Delta got you covered for that too. This application helps you check the statuses of all your assets from one single view.

Visit https://delta.app/en to get more info.

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