6 Best Bathroom Paint Ideas Trending in 2021

6 Best Bathroom Paint Ideas Trending in 2021

Bathroom-no matter how personal is this place and for obvious reasons, you dedicate lots of time and effort to designing a bathroom. When it comes to its look, we are always thinking of redesigning and making it new every year. Well, the entire design and paint preferences depend on how you want to use this space. If you are one of the spa types who want to melt away all his stress in the bathtub and that too for hours, you would need a different paint color for bathroom walls and if you are just take shower and run types, the color choice would be different.

Are you planning to redesign your bathroom and looking for the best bathroom paint ideas, this article will help you as a bathroom paint ideas guide?

Go Green

Green is the color of nature and it brings you close to nature. This year, right from the start, our interior designers are speculating that people will also cover their bathroom walls in green. It indeed is one of the best bathroom paint colors that give a completely fresh look to the bathroom walls. When combined with a contemporary washbasin and other decorative elements like a beautiful tub, mirror, and lamps, it simply looks fantastic.

Get the Warmth of Taupe

If you want to go with a neutral but still interested in giving your bathroom a modern look, taupe is the color for you. It is the perfect choice for those who want to add warmth to their bathroom. Every shade of taupe gives a different feel to space where it is painted. You would see this color trending when you search for the best bathroom paint ideas in 2021. The brown shade of taupe gives earthy look whereas the grey shade is a bit moodier.

Try Orange Walls

If you want to experiment with something bold and loud, orange is the color for you. We have seen this color trending this year. However, if you are using this energetic color in your bathroom, it would be best to complement it with white accessories and a laminated wood floor. Also, to balance the bold tones of the walls, you must use a large frameless mirror. Going for a pink-orange is also another option that looks more vibrant.

The Beautiful Gray

A gray is a great way to keep things unbiased while adding a bit of natural edge. The bathroom paint ideas grey floor is also the refreshing color of granite and concrete and is still quite relaxing. To balance cool tones, try mixing darker wood trims on sides with the floor or on the furniture to warm things up. For a classic look, go for mild neutral accents. For a more energetic option, add pops of color to your accessories, like sparkly towels or a patterned shower curtain. You can really go mad with your color choice here, as lighter gray goes with just about everything from soft pink to bright orange.

The Black and White

If you have a little color fear, you don’t have to search for some bold color ideas to make your bathroom stand out. You can just go for the bathroom paint ideas with black and white tile, and you can create a serene and relaxing space, perfect for a bathroom. You can always add some pop-up colors with towels and accessories which will add a little bit of freshness to your bathroom. Neutral tones tend to be the main color options for the bathroom, particularly white and black. These colors are one of the best choices for bathroom paint ideas in US.

If you think black looks too sterile and you’re not a fan of bolder shades, opting for a light white neutral shade is a sure choice to add excitement while opening up space and keeping it open, making it brighter. A cool super white, for example, gives the room more texture than simple off white and is bright enough to reflect available light and create the vision of a larger bathroom.

Blue Is Still A Modern Color

You can add vitality to a bathroom with decorative tiles. The multicolored bluish tiles in this bathroom are the focal point despite the variety of elements that coexist in this time and for past bathroom paint colors ideas 2020. Blue tiles and color both look stunning. Nautical patterns are great for creating a cool custom bathroom with simple blue-gray, or blue-white stripes on the wall. Towels, rugs, and curtains help recreate the theme in navy blue tones. If you add brass door handles that match with the sink and tub looks absolutely out of this world. The completely white walls and wood help create a very modern bathroom with golden or brass trims.

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