cPanel on VPS Server – Pros and Cons to Know

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Some users will set up a web hosting platform without a control panel, while others prefer to have it for multiple reasons. They find it helpful to have a control panel to access and modify it when needed. Administration-related tasks can be managed and automated using a control panel, bringing several advantages. However, there are some flaws attached to this phenomenon, like restrictions for server customization in particular ways. This post will uncover the pros and cons of cPanel on a VPS server. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Control panel on VPS server:

The Control panel is a proprietary control panel for Linux-based web hosting servers. Opting for a cPanel can expose you to server features like database management, email management, and web hosting. Providers may charge additional costs to provide a cPanel license or install it on your server.

Some users will opt for a VPS server without having a cPanel, and it is easier to find such a setup. However, these servers can only provide basic services and applications to users. Moreover, you can also opt for a custom-built cPanel solution that ensures limited configuration solutions. Whatever you choose, every option will bring along some positives and negatives. Let us explore the pros and cons.

Pros of cPanel on VPS:

If you choose a VPS with cPanel, you can access multiple advanced configurations and administration tools. Moreover, you can also modify and manage your website files and database. Here are a few pros of this setup.

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i) DNS Management:

Various domain names can have associated DNS issues that you must never overlook at any cost. Installing a control panel on a VPS server means handling all the DNS records and issues for your domain names in an easy-to-use format.

Moreover, the zone editor tool will allow you to review, edit and delete current DNS records for better performance. Do you want to launch your website on a VPS hosting plan? Consider buying it from reliable VPS hosting companies in Dubai companies today!

ii) Database Management:

The Control panel on VPS allows you to access the database management tool called phpMyAdmin. You can create and modify MySQL databases on your website using this tool. If you are not familiar with MySQL programming, this facility will surely help you.

iii) Email Management:

One more element of cPanel is webmail, a browser-based email client. This server-side email management tool permits clients to make a specific number of email addresses related to the areas connected to their cPanel account.

Rather than depending on an outsider email management, for example, Gmail, you can utilize your server name to send and get an email. What’s more, cPanel gives strong spam channels that assist with keeping your inbox free from junk mail and malware.

iv) File Management:

Using a file manager will allow you to see and modify your website files as you see fit. Moreover, you can also upload files directly to the server using file manager. However, you should watch the file size as only permitted file sizes can be uploaded. Are you a new user? The drag and drop functionality will help you upload your files without a hitch.

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v) Resource Management:

Control Panel on a VPS server exposes you to a built-in resource monitoring feature, including disc space usage and bandwidth consumption. When your website struggles to provide you with enough resources, these features will help you see and manage things.

Opting for a control panel on your VPS server will expose you to multiple benefits like the ones mentioned above. Have you not launched your website on a secure hosting platform yet? Consider contacting VPS hosting companies in Dubai today and purchasing a secure package!

Cons of cPanel on VPS:

Apart from the advantages, we have been through, this setup has some drawbacks. Let us explore them quickly!

i) Software limitation:

Installing a control panel on your VPS server might conflict with certain applications and software. The overlapping or conflicting features will ignite software limitations which are bad for your website performance. Moreover, cPanel on a VPS does not support all operating systems.

ii) Time-consuming:

Users often complain about the GUI menu format being too much time-consuming. It is true! The best alternative is to opt for a command-line interface which saves time and effort. However, you should settle for the latter if you have enough experience managing command-line tasks.

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