How to Find Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows

A Data Recovery Software essentially does the job of bringing a file back to you when you accidentally lose or delete it. Even the most experienced amongst us, who follow a strict data backup regimen are some time taken aback by data loss. Hence it is important to have free data recovery software for these situations.

Data loss can happen due to a variety of reason, for example there can be a hardware failure, virus attack or human error. Once you realise that you have a data loss, it is very important to stop using the drive. In this moment you have a chance for recovering your data back before it’s lost forever.

When you lose a file, the first step you have to take is look for shadow copies on your Windows. You have data recovery tool that help you do this. With this best file recovery program you can recover your files that are deleted from the Recycle bin. This is because the way that these files are deleted by windows, they are still present on your hardware, you just can’t see their names. So if they are not rewritten with new information, you can recover them.

Can Shift deleted files be recovered on Windows Computer?


Once you empty your Recycle bin or press Shift + Delete, you think the files are permanently deleted from your system but that’s not what really happens. The files are only deleted from the containing folder, so even though they are invisible to you, they can be recovered using data recovery software for Windows.

Note: It is important to understand when you can use best software to recover deleted files. The space where your deleted files are stored is eventually occupied by new data. When you transfer it to a particular partition, you don’t know the exact place where Windows stores it. Now if deleted files and new data are stored in the same folder, the deleted files will over write them. On the other side if the data is already replaced with the new data you will not be able to recover it from anywhere.

Few programs like CCleaner empty the recycle bin by themselves when they run in the background thus prevent you from recovering the files. You can go on the settings of such app and disable this feature.

So what is the safest way to recover a deleted file?

In a case where you have deleted a file which was on a magnetic hard drive, first and foremost you should shut down the PC immediately. Even if you continue using it just to install the software recovery platform, you can lose the file forever. Next remove the hard drive from your PC and put it in another PC. Boot your system using either a USB or a file recovery CD. Primarily you have to keep in mind is that you avoid rewriting the drive completely.

If you have recently deleted the file and haven’t written much on the drive since then, you have a fairly good chance of recovering your data. You can read here more about best software to recover deleted files.

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