Honest Analysis of SurfShark VPN: Detailed Review

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Surfshark VPN is a secure, private, easy-to-use application that allows you to perform any online activity without compromising your personal information and data. Surfshark VPN can save you from cyber threats and hacking.

Here you will read everything you’ll ever need to know about Surfshark VPNs. Finding out a good Surfshark VPN provider is not just the end of the story. If you don’t know anything about Surfshark VPNs, it is just a waste of time.

ABOUT Surfshark VPN

What is a Surfshark VPN? A Surfshark VPN (a virtual private network) is a completely encrypted network that allows you to appear in the location of the server that you have connected to. This gives you access to secure servers anywhere in the world.

You can connect to the Internet with an IP address in your chosen location by using a Surfshark VPN. This is useful if you need access to region-blocked sites or if you want to access your emails remotely.

A Surfshark VPN or Virtual Private Network is a network constructed using public wires – usually the Internet. It enables a computer attached to the network to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it were directly attached to the private network. So we can say that Surfshark VPN is a virtual private network that helps encrypt web activities and other IP addresses.

How do Surfshark VPNs WORK?

Fundamentally, a professional Surfshark VPN solution is designed to encrypt all your Internet traffic. It’s open-source, so you can be certain there are no weaknesses or backdoors. And it’s easy to use so that you can enjoy private, secure browsing at any moment. All the internet traffic is routed through the encryption connection to the server. After that, it sends the traffic to the public Internet. As usual, Data coming back to your system follow the same route.

The basic purpose of a Surfshark VPN is to hide browsing history, IP address, and locations.

  • Surfshark VPN helps to hide browser history from the website you’ve visited and hide all your online activities.
  • Surfshark VPN not only hides your IP addresses of the website you’ve suited but also hides your devices’ private IP addresses.
  • Surfshark VPN helps to hide your location. By connecting to another location’s server, the geolocation will be hidden from ISP.
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What can Surfshark VPN do?

Personal Surfshark VPN service for safer Internet browsing, Unblock websites and stay secure with our encrypted Surfshark VPN tunnel. There is some more cool stuff that Surfshark VPN can do. Some of them are:

  • Make you Anonymous online: Do you know that the company you pay for internet access is making money from your data? I’m not scaring you, but the observer can track your activities online. Surfshark VPN helps you out from this problem; Surfshark VPN makes it harder for advertisers or observers to track you online. When you activate the Surfshark VPN, it hides your IP address, and the trackers can only see the server’s IP address.
  • Protection against Malware: Many Surfshark VPNs service providers say that they include some protection against malware when the Surfshark VPN scan the files passing through the system before reaching your system. But we can’t say that they include any special software to keep you safe from malware.
  • Hide your online activities: if Surfshark VPN is activated, all the traffic from your system is encrypted, which means that iSP can’t see the sites you are visiting.
  • Bypass Censorship: with a Surfshark VPN, you can connect to a Surfshark VPN server in another country and browse the web as you are in that country. It can get around local content restrictions and some censorship. But it must be remembered that a Surfshark VPN doesn’t make your traffic invisible.
  • Spoof your location: by connecting with a Surfshark VPN, you can easily connect to a server In a different country and hide your location. By hiding your IP address behind the IP address of the Surfshark VPN server, you can spoof your true location.

Why is Surfshark VPN important?

Working online in any form comes with its share of risks. Surfshark VPN can help you protect against hacking, identity theft, and other cyber attacks.

  • Hacking: Hacking into your system is very easy if you’re on a public Wi-Fi network because your device’s IP address isn’t protected. With Surfshark VPN, your IP address will replace by a Surfshark VPN IP address, and you can easily avoid hackers.
  • Tracking: by switching your IP address, you can confuse cookies and avoid using your data for targeted ads.
  • Identify theft: when the hackers gain access to your device, they usually want to steal your identity. By protecting your web traffic, you can protect yourself from identity theft.
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  • Online shopping: online shopping exposes you to cybercrime and charges you according to your location. Using a reliable Surfshark VPN service allows you to change your IP address and secure you from extra charges.
  • Flights: you can save yourself money by using a Surfshark VPN on flights. Change your location to a lower-income country and push airlines to charge less for flight tickets.
  • Streaming: A reliable Surfshark VPN service can hide your real location, regardless of where you are in the world, and provide you with a false IP location that can help you gain access to a much wider range of streaming.
  • Booking: Many hotels and car companies change their prices depending on the customer. Again by hiding your IP address, you can save money.



  • Privacy: Encrypted tunnel hides your web activities and makes your traffic safe from internet service providers.
  • Prevents Hacking: You can prevent hackers, especially on a public Wi-Fi network, by hiding your web activities and IP addresses.
  • Protection against tracking: Surfshark VPN prevents your Data from being logged in the first place and stops unwanted issues on time.
  • Streaming: the biggest reason people use Surfshark VPNs is to unlock international streaming. Different countries have different agreements. With Surfshark VPN, you can enjoy your favorite streaming.


  • Expensive: you can find many free Surfshark VPNs on a trial basis on Internet, but all are temporary; you’ll have to add money to use a Surfshark VPN.
  • The website may block shared IP addresses: Many websites dislike shared IP addresses, like email services, and you may need to pay extra money for a dedicated IP address.
  • Slow speed: adding a different internet protocol or encryption method can slow down the inevitable speed.

Bottom line:

We have to admit it. There are a lot of Surfshark VPN websites out there, and you’re probably wondering, which one do I choose? We recommend a reliable Surfshark VPN i.e Surfshark VPN, a service that offers great speed and reliability, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  Surfshark VPN offer vital services, secure encryption protocols, and fast streaming capability with the fastest speeds. You can even unblock popular social media sites like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. So what do you have to lose? Go ahead and try them out!

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