How to get the money from using TikTok?: One of the fastest-growing social media

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It is well-known nowadays that TikTok is one of the most popular social media programs. Moreover, it is the fastest growing social media app. In 2016 TikTok was founded, but only in 2017, it was available for non-Chinese users. Do you know who was the TikTok creator? Zhang Yiming is the TikTok founder, but later it was sold to ByteDance. The main theme of this post is how to get the money from using TikTok.

TikTok was named as Musically ( before it was sold out to ByteDance. Some people have a strong position that TikTok is useless and some say it is the most suitable app for fun but really, it is addictive.

The story about that few users ended their lives because of TikTok is true. It is not much important if you call them dumb or blame TikTok because for real nobody cares. In my opinion, there are some very offensive and dangerous trends in Tik Tok. I hope that TikTok would improve itself.

Before figuring out how to get money on using TikTok let’s check out some facts about Tik Tok.

  • In 2016 TikTok was founded as Musically.
  • In 2017 it was sold to ByteDance and renamed to Tiktok.
  • The app has around 500 million downloads, the app is available on iOS and Android.
  • TikTok’s founder is Zhang Yiming.

Right now let’s make clear how to get money when you use TikTok. The best way would be if we divide them into two parts. The first part would be to explain to you how to set up a TikTok account and in the second part, I will get you to know especially how to get the money from using TikTok and also how to make money on TikTok live.

How to Get the Popularity on Tik Tok & How to create a TikTok account?

How to Get the Popularity on Tik Tok

It is pretty easy to create a TikTok account, but if you have no idea how to do this – let me tell you how to create a TikTok account.

Firstly, you have to download and install the app. When installing would be finished you should press on the app’s icon. When the app is opened go to the “user” icon, go to this one, and then you would be able to see the account creating options. You can proceed with the registration by using Email, Google, and mobile number.

No matter if it works for you or not but you should try the next methods because they are definitely would help you to get the popularity.

  1. Upload videos every day
  2.  Use the most popular and trending hashtags
  3.  Try to record something with someone
  4.  It is better to use the trending audios and songs only
  5.  Remind your followers to leave comments
  6.  Try to upload exciting videos
  7.  Use picking in memory thumbnails
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If you feel that you are not about to do the work like that and also you do not want to spend money or you have no money for this then you can get the followers and views from the sites, especially like FreeTikTok.

How to get Money from using Tik Tok?

There we would discuss the position of the money on TikTok. You have to make sure that you have more than enough followers on your profile before you start to make money on TikTok.

Try to follow a few methods about getting money from using TikTok.

Sponsorship or Brand Promoter

The sponsorship option is the best for you in case if you have enough followers and views. In that case, you will make money on promoting brand products. Now, most of the time all the brands contact TikTokers.

I will explain you the variant of getting sponsors, if you have ever used TikTok, then you probably pointed out that TikTok shows ads, which are new products mostly.

You can get in contact with those small brands and propose them to promote their productions on your page.

Affiliate Marketing

It is very close to the sponsorship, in that case, you can pin your affiliate link in your information on TikTok profile or on the video. The thing is that when your followers would purchase by your link- then you will get a commission.

Can you get the money from using TikTok?

Try to sell your own products or Merchandise

It would work for you only in case if you know your audience very well. “Not adopting Android” shows only the thing that you have no idea who your audience is.

Maybe as a good strategy would be selling raincoats in summer? No, I do not think so. You can get the money only if you know well what exactly your audience loves the most.

You should sell things which your audience loves. If they love hoodies then you should sell hoodies. You can get good money if you can sell anything. You need a big count of followers as we know that the little number of followers have no plan to purchase

Drive Traffic to Your Own Website and Collect Data

If you have done a lot of stuff, but your profile still has not gotten as many viewers as you wished that I can suggest that you have a profile on TikTok. Remember that TikTok can surely give you the opportunity to boost your ranking, but at the same time, it cannot guarantee you quality traffic. Try to share your website link with your followers. Sometimes it is good to point out attention on your other social media accounts as an Instagram and YouTube Channel. You can use the TikTok as the platform for getting a new fresh audience. You are definitely able to add TikTok and Youtube to your profile. I have experienced cases when many absolutely new TikTok users just gain YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers by just in an extremely short time and even without sharing a lot of content on their profiles.

Right now, we would point out some reasonable methods of how you can make money on TikTok. Just in case if you also have any other method or, maybe, just want to share your mind- feel free to comment below.

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For now, let us have some questions and answer on TikTok, FAQ.

Does TikTok fit normal people?

The thing is that it is the best app for having some fun and for the time pass. There is a huge count of the funny and joyful content on TikTok. But also I have to say that TikTok is kind of a real dustbin and, please, if you are a TikToker- do not mind it.

On the TikTok, you can see the people who do hard work and do their bests just to earn money and at the same time you can see the people who just record and share how they do lipsing and for them it is more than enough to get money & fame.

It is also known that there were many people who just died because of TikTok trends. For example, you can fresh in mind some challenges like “Ki Ki’ and the “Swimming” challenge which were the reasons why people lost their lives.

Is TikTok a great method to earn money?

No other variants except to say yes because it is only when you totally get that viral else it is just useless. People more often do weird things or something just to get famous and popular on TikTok. However, if you really would like to be professional, then we would pay attention to other things like affiliate marketing or Instagram.

How much money do TikTokers can get?

In case if you really want to know how much money TikTokers earn then just use the TikTok money calculator provided by the FreeTikTok. You just need to enter the TikTok username and then you could see how much they earn or shall earn *remember that results are estimated.

How much money do tiktokers make in India? PineCone Research Review: An Exclusive Survey Panel Site

Should I work on TikTok?

Definitely not, you better pay attention to the other things like Instagram, Youtube, or Affiliate marketing. The thing is that these platforms for the long term use, but TikTok can only boost your ratings for as little and spark your business.

Do tiktokers make money?

Yes, of course, they do. But they do not make money on Tik Tok but through TikTok.

How does TikTok help to make money?

In the beginning, TikTok did not make money at all but recently things have changed. Right now they started to earn money from advertisements. If you have ever use TikTok then you surely saw the ads.

How much money does Charli D’Amelio make per TikTok?

Charli reportedly gets paid an estimated $25,000 per TikTok video. Numerous reports also state the rising social media star is worth $4 million.

How to get paid on TikTok?

TikTok doesn’t pay for uploading videos (except when they run offers and contests). You better give a try to TikTok only if you have enough free time. I hope you will learn how to make money on TikTok.


Remember that TikTok would be a good option to make money online but do not think that you would get a lot of money if you use only TikTok. Once one video gets viral then you will get famous.

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