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Gone are the days when YouTube would allow you to watch videos without intruding advertisements. However, you now have to watch not one, but two ads before the video starts and some of them are not even skippable. If you want to get rid of these ads, you have to pay YouTube for a Premium subscriptions which has no add-ons but a commercial free experience on the website.

Do you really have to pay?

You can remove commercials from YouTube by paying a monthly fee to YouTube. This would cost you a fortune. Once you fail to pay or use YouTube for a different account, you will be greeted with the intrusive ads once again. The video platform will not change its revenue model but users have to decide if they want to keep watching the ads or not.

Is there a way in which you could watch YouTube videos without having to pay for ads? Let’s learn more about YouTube advertisement policies and the best way to avoid decimating your video experience.

Types of ads that YouTube serves:

Non-skippable ads

Probably the worst thing about YouTube is the non-skippable ad that appears in the beginning and middle of some videos. Though these ads are usually only a few seconds long, they become unbearable for users as they don’t have control over skipping or avoiding these ads.

Skippable ads

These ads are longer and can usually be skipped after a few seconds. These ads may often appear less intrusive but having to do an extra step to skip these ads and wait for the video to load is irritating for most users. Quite often, YouTube will play entire songs in skippable ads which irritates the users even further. This intrudes their private space and also spoon-feeds them the music that they should listen to.

Two ads in a row

In recent times, YouTube has started playing two ads in a row. According to the platform, this helps in reducing intrusive ads in the middle of the videos. However, two ads right before the video starts often gets very annoying for the users. Some users often suggest that this ad format makes them hate the platform, specially when they are using it on mobile platforms. Watching two ads in the beginning is not a guarantee that you will not see mid-rolls in the middle of the video.

Three ways to block ads on YouTube

There are three simple and easy ways in which YouTube ads can be blocked. You can either pay the platform, use privacy browsers or simply use a solution like AdLock.

Paying YouTube

The easiest way to get rid of YouTube ads is to pay the platform. Depending on where you live, the subscription charges will vary. You can get a Premium subscription for yourself or share it with your family. Another good point is that you can get access to YouTube Music ( as well. You can use YouTube on any device you want, as long as you are logged in from your own paying account.

Privacy browsers

The second-best way to remove YouTube ads is to use privacy centric browsers on your desktop and mobile devices. Brave, AVG and Ghostery are just few of the browsers that come with built-in VPNs, privacy protection features etc. They can easily remove YouTube advertisements from your platform. You are free to use YouTube in the way you like, with or without logging in from any account.


This is one of the best ways to block ads on your system. AdLock can be installed on your browser easily. As soon as it is enabled, it will start blocking all intrusive ads on the platform. The AdLock extension works best on Google Chrome browser. You only need to install it and enable it and say goodbye to ads forever. If you are using YouTube on your mobile device, simply launch the native application and click ‘Share’ as soon as the video starts playing. Once done, select the AdLock app and you will be able to watch the video without ads.

It is easier to watch ad-free videos on desktop or browser than it is on the native YouTube application on your mobile device. YouTube videos will not play if you have installed a third-party application that hosts user trusted certificates on your device. This is because YouTube now distrusts these certificates and fails to run.

This leaves you with only a limited number of options for mobile devices. With browsers, you will have to give up on the native app experience and with paid subscriptions, you will have to burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, the best option available to you is to use AdLock service. If nothing else works, then switching to a paid subscription is the only viable way to enjoy YouTube without ads, at least for now.

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