ShoreTel VoIP Telephone Systems: Convenience Redefined


Communication is crucial. In commercial spaces, the use of cellphones and other personal means of communication is ill-advised. In light of that, there are several companies that have formulated ways in which people and clients and people within offices can communicate easily. The office telephone is one of the most overlooked tools. People who are not aware of them, just see them in offices and wonder what the obsolete-looking system is doing in a sophisticated space. However, there are no better systems in place and they will always be useful.

Shoretel Communications is an organization that has specialized in the field of communications. There are several communications systems that they have and one of them is the famous ShoreTel VoIP. The company was founded in 1997 and has valuable experience in the field of communications. The team looks to enhance productivity through communication and through their VoIP system have been doing so.

What is ShoreTel VoIP Telephone System

VoIP is fully known as Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a system that most offices and commercial spaces look to have. It is a cloud-based system and is useful in day-to-day communications. There are many systems that offer VoIP systems and many companies that manufacture the services. ShoreTel VoIP is a telephone system that was manufactured by the company. The team created a telephone with VoIP trying to put all the communication needs of commercial space in one device. In short, the ShoreTel VoIP telephone system is a brand on its own. It is the VoIP system that is made by ShoreTel which was recently acquired by Mitel. The system is interesting in the way that it operates.

How Much Does it Cost

When the ShoreTel VoIP was being made, the company had affordability in mind. The team wanted people to have the power of VoIP and other communication needs in the most affordable way possible. Acquisition and installation will not cost a lot. It has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry. There are three plans which have different costs. The essential plan costs $20.99 per user per month. There is a premier plan that will cost each user $26.59 per month. Lastly, there is an elite plan that will cost each user $38.49 per month. People should have a close look into the plans before making a purchase.

What Are the Uses of ShoreTel VoIP

There are no limitations to the uses of ShoreTel’s VoIP. It is a simple system that is mainly used by businesses for communication functions. VoIP telephony, mobility, video conferences, instant messaging, and many more communication functions are available. Depending on how a person uses it, there is a lot of functionality in the system.

Is it Advisable to Purchase ShoreTel VoIP?

ShoreTel VoIP is an interesting buy. It is a convenient system that no one should shy away from buying. It gives the owners peace of mind as its functionality helps businesses to run their daily activities smoothly.

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