The Ultimate Guide to Mobile VS Desktop Sports Betting


Technological advancement defines an era. We witnessed when the computer swept into the scene and changed our lives forever. We were there when cellphones were born and it became everyone’s a must-have. We live in an era where smartphones dominate almost every aspect of our lives. This can be said also for sports gambling. One of the top bookmakers in the world Bet365 offers players ways to enjoy betting with their desktop and mobile devices for sports betting.

Almost everyone has access to a computer and a smartphone nowadays. Most bet365 bettors prefer desktop betting but younger generations are more inclined to mobile betting. In this article, we will breakdown what is the better choice between a desktop and a mobile device for your sports betting experience.

Better Choice for Sports Betting – Mobile or Desktop?

Let us talk about the advantage and disadvantages of mobile vs desktop betting.

Mobile Device

The biggest advantage of sports betting on a mobile phone is portability and convenience. You can now place a wager wherever you are 24/7. You can access it via Wi-Fi and your 4G/5G connections anywhere. Mobile bet365 is now configured to run on a Java and HTML5 platforms to give you a compatible user interface.

Obviously, the biggest difference physically is the screen size. Smaller screen text and button are more prone to human error like mistype and unintended clicks. A smaller screen’s advantage is that it offers privacy as the details are much harder to read from a peeping view.

Desktop Betting

Sports betting in a computer has its own advantages. On a bigger screen, you can view several things at the same time and you can navigate from one page to another with ease. Older bettors prefer to access their bet365 accounts via a desktop as the screen is larger and comfortable to use.

The only thing that a computer lacks is security and portability. Computers are prone to key-loggers and malware where hackers can steal your data by recording all your inputs from a keyboard keystroke. Good thing is that most desktops and laptops come with free Anti-Virus that is very much respected in the market. You cannot also bring your computer to the gym or restaurants.

Watching Live on your Smartphone or Computer

Bet365 sports offer live streaming of your favorite game via mobile phone and a computer. The sports bookmaker offers live games for free but you need to have a funded account or at least placed a bet for the last 24 hours. A high-speed internet or mobile data connection might be needed for the ultimate streaming experience. Note that live streaming might not be available in some countries.

You can live-stream your favorite NBA team by watching under the bet365 NBA section.

Different Options in Betting

Bet365 offers in-play betting or live betting. This is a kind of betting where you can place a bet during the game and/or before its ending. For example, you can make a bet on who will be the next team to score or who will be the first team to get to 10 points. The bookmaker will tell you in advance for which sporting event it will offer in-play betting.

Bet365 also offers cash out. Cash Out gives you more control over your bets and offers you an opportunity to take a winning before a match has finished. You can also make a request for an automatic Cash Out – part of your wager or the full sum, when the amount reaches a chosen value.

The King of the Future is Mobile Devices

There is no denying that the future of sports betting is mobile devices. Smartphones are getting powerful each year to rival computers. You can count on bet365 to continually improve their mobile sports betting to cater to your needs. And who knows, maybe during our lifetime we may bet using our smartwatches.

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